Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Recap a day late

Happy Tuesdsay everyone!

My weekend was jam packed! I got a little too drunky drunk on the wedding I attended on Friday and took DAYS to recover. I am just not as young as I used to be haha.

Sorry for the no post yesterday I was still in the "all I want to do is lay in bed mode"

I got my workout out in on friday. However, I will be honest I did not get my scehduled run in on Saturday boo! But that's what this journey is all about turn a set back into a come back! I ate like crap for the last two days but I am back at it today!

I am going to try something and try not to weigh myself until the friday after this friday (May 17) I want to workout every day if possible and not cheat. I am challenging myself to this because I cannot depend on the scale to dictate how I feel about myself I want to feel so great I dont even care what the scale says!

I have my scheduled JM and run tonight so lets do this! Meal prep is done and I "have worked too hard to give up now!

Here is recap of my weekend in Pictures: (side note: I was trying to save this dress to wear to my brothers grad party this weekend but I'll just be wearing it again then ha!)

Here are some pics of the hotel we stayed in where the wedding was held:

There was a freaking tv inside of the mirror in the bathroom. Bestie wanted in the pic too lol

They had a mashed potato bar and it was literally the best thing EV!

Bride! She was so pretty!

And the very end of the night!

And my little brother had his senior prom on Saturday too!

My brothers group he went in!

And pretty much the cutest pic I've ever seen!

That is all for today guys! Hope you have great one :)


  1. That's right girl, get back on that wagon! That hotel is super cute - and HELLO, a mashed potato bar? That sounds soooo good, especially after a few drinks!

    At my sister's wedding a few years ago, we were drunk and carrying back leftover food to the hotel (or somewhere, it's all kind of a blur) We had mashed potatoes in a big pan, and my husband was literally scooping out handfuls and eating it like that. The things drunk people will do for food! I also remember dipping my cheesy garlic bread into my red wine :) AH everyone loves a good wedding with an open bar!

  2. So fun! That hotel is really nice. So I used to house sit for these people who had a TV in their mirror in the bathroom. I would laugh because you were supposed to be able to watch it from the bathtub but whoever installed the bath tub put it in the wrong way. So you would be lying against the spout if you wanted to watch TV. Too bad.

  3. Hey girl hey, youve been missing from the interwebs, so I figured you were recovering, ha :) Im one day off of our runs too from two weekends ago, Ive switched it to Mon/Wed/Fri running with the weekends off - and JM - im so scared of that B :( I am going to attempt to start that one tonight, ugh :) Youre doing great and everyone needs to have a fun weekend!!

  4. The hotel looks super fun! I learned a long time ago I don't quite bounce back like I used to. Drat! Oh and mashed potato bar? Sign me up, please!

  5. You look gorgeous! I LOVE the dress you wore to the wedding!
    Weekends weren't made to be totally stiff. It's totally ok to let your hair down and have some fun. :)

  6. You looked so pretty!! And that hotel, looks amazing!! Good luck on your run!

  7. Love ur dress! And that pic of your brother IS super cute!

  8. You look gorgeous in all the pics!! LOVE that hotel!!

  9. Weddings are so much fun! I have one this Friday. I'm sure I'll be drunky drunk, too! :)

  10. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  11. Looks like fun and I want a tv in my bathroom mirror!