Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Stats, Dietbet Ends and Remember the Time

Hey All! Happy Thursday! Last day of the week for this girl!

So getting up this morning to workout was a big fat FAIL! ugh I went to bed too late last night and all I wanted this morning was pancakes and bacon but I prevailed! Dinner with the boy and his dad and fiance so I guess I'll just have to squeeze it in tonight! But NO EXCUSES right!?

Dietbet: So it is now May 2nd and my first dietbet has ended! I received this message this morning

Yay! I did it! And I surpassed my goal! this was so fun and I definitely will be signing up for more! Who wouldn't want to get paid for something they're already doing!? Win Win!

As a lot of you know I am doing JM or trying to do ALL month of may. I tried doing this last month but due to my basement flooding etc it was a huge fail. I am obviously not at my first goal weight yet (not being considered overweight for my height is my first goal weight) And I am not ready to share my number until then. However I did take measurements and obviously catch you up on how the month of April went for me :)

April Stats: April 1-May 1

Total Weight Loss: 11 lbs

Inches Lost:

Waist 29.527
low waist 3634

For those of you counting that is a grand total 10.5 Inches gone and 11lbs gone!

Overall I am super happy with my April losses! It's time like these when I am frustrated at how long the process is taking that I can look back and see how far I've come in such a short amount of time. I am determined to finish ORB strong and stick with my workout and food goals!

AND I PROMISE to provide before and after pics after my consisten Ripped in 30 month of may stay tuned!

And last but not least I am linking up with the always amazing Kimmy for Remember the time!


I only got one for today...

Remember the time...when it was snowing when you woke up in the middle of spring? And its projected to keep snowing until 11Am the next day with inches of accumulation in MAY!? Oh right..that's TODAY.  Guess theres a first for everything in life, snow in May. NICE Iowa!


  1. Looks like April was a fantastic month for you! I did not wake up this morning to do RI30 either even though I intended to. I'm planning on doing it tonight after the bar class I'm going to. Eek!

  2. I am SO proud of you!! 11 pounds lost in one month? That is phenomenal! And look at those inches lost! AND you won your diet bet! Congratulations, lady! You deserve it!

    We had like three snowflakes in our yard this morning, so I thought the forecast was all wrong, but my coworker who lives about 40 minutes south of me (his commute is hell) said he measured SEVENTEEN INCHES in his yard this morning. OMG, seriously?? That is insane!!

  3. Nooooooooooo-- SNOW? REALLY? That is downright wrong.

    But so excited for you and your big losses in inches AND pounds last month-- that's some great proof that what you're doing is definitely working :)

  4. Awesome job on the diet bet and weight/inches lost! Snow in May stinks...hopefully it melts quickly. :)

  5. Wow, way to go on your April losses you did amazing, such an encrouagement for me.

  6. Congrats on the losses! Those are great numbers!
    I don't think I could handle snow in May, too cold!

  7. Congrats on the dietbet!! And wow at the snow. My aunt lives in Iowa and put a pic up on fb this morning. I could not believe it! Crazy!

  8. way to go on the losses. That's awesome! And if it were snowing like that in Indiana, I would refuse to get out of bed and go to work!

  9. Holy smokes, girl, your losses are AWESOME!!! And Congrats on 'winning' your diet bet! Woo hoo for money!

  10. Congrats on the awesome loss. Way to keep going!!
    So sad for you about the snow :( UGH!!

  11. Oh my gosh, that is incredible!! Good job hot mama :) So proud of you!!!

  12. You did awesome in April!!!! Way to go!

  13. congrats on your loss! that is fantastic!! :) great job!


  14. Way to go on the dietbet! You are doing such an amazing job. Just remember to look how far you've come, not focus on how far you need to go (which isn't far)! :)
    Iowa is insane right now. Snow? In May? No thank you!

  15. Awesome!! Way to go on reaching your diet bet goal! That's fantastic!! You should be proud!!
    Oh well for not getting up this morning, you're doing so good!!
    And that really sucks about the snow!!

  16. Great job gf! I hope you got your Jilly in today! You're doing such a good job!!

  17. Ohhh no!! I HATE SNOW! It's still sunny and 80 in Nashville. ;) Thanks for linking up!!!

  18. That's good news to hear.
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