Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap, Weekly Goals and Calorie Challenges

Happy Monday!!!!

The week is upon us again and once again the weekend just flew right on by!

Thursday night the boy made me an AMAZING dinner omg best cheat meal to date! (Follow me on instagram @sheerserendipity28) Friday I delt with the carpet people all day long ( more on that later) and Saturday I grocery shopped and food prepped for the week. Yesterday was spent at work blah! Then me and my baby girl lolie had a great doggie/mommy walk around the neighborhood :)

I am happy to report that I have NOT stepped on the scale since Friday and will NOT be stepping on it again until this Friday. I am challenging myself to a whole week of not stepping on it. This is probably the first time I have ever done this. I didn't weigh myself at all the first 30 lbs I lost and just went by jean size. So HOPEFULLY the scale is nice to me this week!

I also got in my 1.5 mile, 2 mile AND 50 minute walk this weekend. It still sucks. I still have to push through it but the end feeling is all worth it. The smile that you get from pushing yourself even farther then you thought and think I freakin did it!  I hope that it just gets easier. But I will keep pushing and will not stop I am in this for the long haul!

As far as JM goes to make a long story short we got water in our basement from all of the raining. The carpet people had to come out and dry it all out and replace the padding and had to unplug my tv etc and put them in boxes while they dried for 3 days. No damage and it should be back together today but my DVD was in that player that is now in a box so I have not had the pleasure of of JM since Wednesday (not that I am complaining.) Tonight I am starting Level 3!

This is what my lovely room looks like at the moment. Pure JOY! (sarcasm at its finest)

Which brings me to my Weekly Goals for this week. I have decided to take a nod from Elle Noel and put my weekly goals up on Monday as a way to hold myself accountable for the week, It's time to step up my game. I will get to goal weight!

Workout Goals:

Monday: RI30 and 30 min treadmill walk
Tuesday: 2.25 mile run (5k training)
Wednesday: RI30 and 30 min treadmill walk
Thursday: 1.5 mile run (5k training)
Friday: Rest and/or RI30
Saturday: 2.25 mile run (5k training)
Sunday: RI30 and 45-60 min walk (5k training)

I feel really good about my workout goals and know I can do this so keep me accountable! I want that good weigh in on Friday!

As far as food goes. I've stepped up my game on this one as well. As a lot of you know I tried MFP before and HATED it! It just seemed like so much work and was so time consuming to me. If I wanted to track all of my calories why not just write them down myself?  However, last weeks sucky weigh in made me wake up and realize I really need to buckle down and see what I'm consuming how much etc. And besides all the cool kids are doing it right!? (follow me on MFP @ kadimarie28)

Since Friday I have logged EVERYTHING I have eaten. And you know what? I wasn't eating NEAR enough calories before this. I think I have found my new love in MFP. It is amazing what you can find out you like just by giving it another chance :) I obviously didn't give MFP a very good chance the first go around because this time I found the little bar code scanner thingy, genius! I am excited to keep tracking my food intake to make sure I get enough calories in a day etc.

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. I really struggled to get my at LEAST 1200 calories in yesterday. I found that I had about 200 left but I was already over in Sugar and about out of fat (5g) for the entire day. I had no idea what I could eat that was low fat low sugar but still had a good amount of calories. So I didn't eat. I know this is wrong and I feel so guilty but does anyone else have this dilemma? Should I focus more on sugar and fat content or just reaching the calories I should be eating ?

I know a big reason I go over in sugar is that I am currently using up the protein shakes I ordered from advocare back when I did the cleanse first thing in the morning as part of my breakfast. They have 12g of sugar each which I think is a bit too high. I only have a few left and have been looking up other protein shakes. I remembered that about a year ago I tried body by vi and still had the protein shakes. I compared the two (advocare and body by vi) nutritional facts and found that is very nutrious and has virtually no sugar but only 12g of protein.
Meal Replacement Shake

(Side note: if you don't know what body by vi is its a shake youre suppoesed to replace two meals a day with to help you lose weight.) this is NOT what I want to do. I am thinking about doubling up two shakes into one big shake in the morning for my morning protein shake as PART of my breakfast. THat would take me to about 180 calories, 24g of protein and a lot less sugar (like 2 g total) than I am consuming right now just in one shake. That way I wouldn't have to spend extra money right now and would still get my protein I want in the morning and be able to eat just like I have been.

What do you all think about this? Is this logical? A good idea? Or should I just look at other protein shakes to have in the morning?

Here's to a great week of kicking ass! I am DOING This! Thank you for all your love and support you guys. I truly cannot thank you enough for all of you do on this journey with me :)

Operation Skinny Jeans


  1. Ugh, our basement flooded when it rained on Thursday. It was horrible. Took like 2 days to clean it and get all the water out.

  2. I like the idea of just replacing breakfast. I know that replacing 2 meals a day really isn't ideal. But the idea of doing it in the morning for breakfast is not only quick and easy, it really has a low sugar count to start the day. Love that idea! Kick ass this week lady!

  3. Just wanted to say good job on sticking it out with your 5K training! You're doing great!
    I'm still trying to figure out my own eating habits - so I'm no help there :)
    Have a great week!

  4. First of all, I just read your About Me and I had no idea that you have already lost 30 lbs - that's so awesome :) And second of all, in regards to food and what not - I would suggest trying to fill the void with real food, like hardboiled eggs or veggies dipped in hummus - Im going to make my own recipe tonight if you want the recipe :) I know the shakes are working, just an idea - I do protein shakes after I run if Im not in the mood for anything else - I also am having a hard time filling the last 200 or so, so last week I did an apple with all natural low sodium jif - you can always text me silly girl :) Youre doing amazing and Im going to totally copy you and type out my goals this week too - cant blog at work though, so it will be later :)

  5. Keep running lady. It gets easier with time. I swear by it. There are STILL days I don't want to run, but it feels amazing after I've finished!
    I wish I could help you more with the calories/fat/sugar intake. But, alas, I've got nothing. I hope you find a good solution that works well for you!

  6. I am loving your enthusiasm! Just sent you a request on MFP! I haven't been using it lately, got lazy and frustrated. And I can't understand how you're having a hard time reaching 1200 calories, I wish I had that problem!!! Is your food diary public or private? It might help me to see what you are eating.

    Bummer on the basement! Lots of people were getting indoor pools last week down here, no fun!

  7. I love seeing other bloggers' workout schedules! You've got an awesome week lined up. Way to stick with MFP and stay away from the brat scale! :)

    I'm no help on sugar and fat counts; the WW points system is only concerned with fiber, protein, carbs, and fats. Would a plain grain, like quinoa help? Meh!

  8. SO sorry to hear about your flooding :( :( We had the same thing here in Chicago. Luckily no damage to my place, but definitely lots of damage around the city. Hope you get stuff back together soon!

    Also, I was totally thinking about doing the same thing with my workout schedules this week a) Because Elle Noel is obviously bangin' and B) because a little extra accountability is always a good thing :) Good luck this week!

  9. yay! You sounds like you are on the right track girlfriend!!!! Glad to see you on MFP again it is really a huge key to my success I think once you get the hang of it you'll love it! Espically the bar code scanner! That thing is sweeeeeet!!!! Have a great week gorgeous!!!

  10. I love MFP!! (stephiepooser) I drink a premier protein shake every day. I started replacing the milk in my coffee with the protein shake. They might be work looking into. I buy mine from costco and personally prefer the vanilla. But they have 30g of protein and only 1 g of sugar they also have 160 calories. Here is the link for the nutrition label for the vanilla one.