Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh Prom!

Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday! Worst day of the week! ( right mel?)

Today I am linking up with the amazing beautiful Erin from Homemade Happenings for Prom Pics!

As most of you know prom is right around the corner and my little bro's senior prom is actually this sat (tear!) He is so grown up but I'll have to share those pics with you guys!

Here is a pic from his junior prom last year!

For some reason I can't find any pics from my junior prom but I went with my high school boyfriend and wore a red dress. I did find a pic of my senior homecoming. our colors were purple and gold and thought it would be AWESOME to wear a light colored silk dress, you can't see the whole thing here but you get it.

My senior prom was '07. I was SO in love with my dress. I remember having my mom come meet me and my friends at the store and she walked in and said she didn't like it. But I didn't care and I got that damn dress! It was pink and poofy and glittery and I LOVED it haha. I also went to this dance with my high school boyfriend (I had the same one all 4 years) and we went with all of our friends and had a great time! We got a limo, went to after prom, the works!

Get ready for some picture overload:

I had so much fun with this link up and now I miss high school. I would love to do prom all over again! Is that so lame!? haha I can't wait to see everyone elses pics!

Happy Tuesday! I got a 2.5 miles tongiht. LAWD help me!


  1. Good luck on your run tonight!! You'll rock it, I'm sure!!

    I love your dress! I couldn't picture you in. Anything else!! And it looks like you guys got a big limo, how fun!!

  2. Aww, youre so beautiful!! I cant find my pics :( Theyre in my garage somewhere and Im not feeling like digging them out :/good luck tonight, Im doing mine tom. morning :)

  3. OMG, I am in LOVE w/ your dress!!! So totally jealous!!! Looks like you had fun! Thanks for joining me today!

  4. I LOVE your dress! You and Barbie could have passed as twins. :)
    Have a great run tonight!!

  5. That's a super cute dress! Love the pics I had a puffy purple one...I meant to link up but totally ran out of time...maybe an IG post tonight!

  6. Your pink dress was beautiful, I can see why you loved it.

  7. I like the pink poofy dress! You looked so pretty!