Thursday, April 11, 2013

NSV, It's Ok and Crab Legs

Happy Thursday! My friday!

First of all thank you so much for your feedback on the Garmins, I am going to go with the 110! I am excited to get outside here hopefully soon (It's Iowa so right now its all rain)

Today I am linking up with the lovely Lex and KTJ for NSV!

Sometimes the scale is not always your friend and it is important to remember your accomplishments throughout the week that were not necessarily scale related.


Probably my biggest NSV this week, to me anyway, is that I have not had one pop since Saturday. I think this is probably the longest I have ever gone without having one. I am really focusing on my water intake and also have a new love of Spark and try not to focus so much on pop.

Also, I have been really good this week on giving up bread dairy and sugar. I did have bacon once this week and I pretty much have two chewy sprees a day but all in all I feel really good about the choices that I've made.

oh ya! Also, on Tuesday they brought in Panda Express for lunch and I wanted some so bad! I had two shrimp and two pieces of beef with broccoli. All in moderation right?? I was proud of myself.

Last but not least, I have been doing well with my workouts. I haven't missed a 5k training run yet. I haven't been able to do RI30 EVERY day but most days, and I can definitely tell a difference, if not on the scale, then in inches and I can't wait to share my progress on May 1 :)
Next I am linking up for It's ok!

Its Ok Thursdays
Its ok..that I slept in most mornings this week and had to do my workouts at night. At least I got them done right?
It's ok..that I literally have been dreaming about having pop again. I just don't think I could give it up forever
It's ok...that I am going to an all yo ucan eat crab leg and prime rib buffet and plan on eating it ALL except without butter and the bad stuff. Self control at its finest
It's ok..that I have to move my 1.5 mile run to tomorrow morning because the boy is cooking for me tonight and watching movies :) Its been raining all week so this is much needed.
It's ok..that I've been a weighing scale freak this week and weighing myself everyday...not the best practice. I'm going to once a week after Friday.
It's ok..that I have my bestie is having a pure romance party on saturday and were making lil smokies, deviled eggs, a cheese ball with crackers and veggies. And if that isn't enough going out afterwards. Lord help my self control.
That's it for today! All in all I had a great week and am proud of all that I have accomplished! Heres to getting through the weekend without gaining weight and onto an even better hard working week next week :)


  1. I'm not sure I could completely stop drinking soda! I usually only have one a day...some days none at all...but I need that caffeine!

  2. Hey lady I am visiting you from the link-up! No soda is awesome!! I have one once every few weeks, I LOVE it!! That's so awesome that you are still doing so good with c25k training! I cant wait to see progress on may 1!!

  3. You are so luck you only got rain!!! I live in Northwest Iowa and we got hail/sleet mixture to cover the ground (Tuesday) and then it snowed couple inches last night! ugh!! Where did our 70 degrees go!?!?!?! Way to go on the 5K training!!!!

  4. i am sooo bad about drinking diet coke, that really is a great accomplishment!!
    Helene in Between

  5. Hello! I am visiting from the linkup! Congrats on continuing and not missing any of your C25K workouts! I know that in the beginning, it was difficult to get them in, especially the first two weeks or so!

    I would love to hear about the watch you purchased!

    Have a great week!

  6. Chewy Sprees! I haven't had those since I was like 10 and now I want them! Ha!

  7. Youre doing awesome lady, keep it up!!

  8. You are a machine, girl!!! Keep going, you're doing amazing!

    fun linkup!

  9. Panda Express?! How did you say no to a big heaping plate full?! Panda Express does have an awesome mushroom and chicken dish that is SUPER low in calories (if you like mushrooms). It's freakin' awesome.
    Keep up the running!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to bug you until you sign up for a 1/2. :)

  10. Way to go on your victories this week! You're rockin it!
    Giving up pop is such a challenge. I quit cold turkey my freshman year of HS and didn't have a drop until I got to college. Now, I struggle with going a week without. When you find the secret let me know haha!

  11. Great job with your NSV's! Giving up soda is hard!

  12. Great job! I quit pop in December and it's so hard! But, you'll feel so much better and after awhile you won't even miss it.

  13. Congratulations on not drinking pop! It can be so rough quitting that addiction. I was a major diet coke drinker and gave it up in December and I'm sure I'm much better off without it. Good for you, that is an awesome NSV!

  14. Good for you. You have been exercising consistently. Staying consistent with a program can be a hard work. Consistency reaps benefits! Congrats.


  15. I really like this idea, both the non-scale victories part and the "It's Okay" part. My biggest weakness is soda, so I have a lot of respect for the fact you gave it up for a whole week! That is great.