Monday, April 1, 2013

In it to win it..It's back on!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was extra long and was go go go!

Thursday: My Birthday! Went out to eat with my parents and the boy decorated my room and got me a cookie cake!

Gorgeous flowers! and yes I still have my herbal cleanse box lol

 Cookie Cake!
 Excuse the mess! I was so suprised he did this! And I was even more impressed that everything went together everything was pink purple and black with the cake, the flowers, the signs the balloons! It was perfect!

Friday: Went and got a new phone for my bday however the one I want the guy at the store said the new version is coming out in 1-2 months so sadly I have to be patient and wait! ugh!

Then got ready to go out and went out with Three of my aunts, my cousin and my mama :)
Saturday: The boy took me out to dinner I had steak cheesy corn and salad amazing! and then had a romantic night alone!

Sunday: My Dad's side of the family came over for Easter lunch. My aunts still give us "kids" an easter egg hunt and honestly its so much for fun now that I'm way older haha. My cousins and I range from age 17-24 and my aunt and mom hide lottery tickets, movies, money, gift cards and candy outside and it is so much fun! I have a pic of all of us but it's on my real camera and not my phone so of course slipped my mind to upload it ugh! One day I will be a way better blogger I promise!


So guys as you know today is April 1! The start of a brand new month! Ever since vaca I have been eating my life away and today faced the brutal truth. I weighed myself. And it was NOT pretty! I have gained back 5 of 9lbs I lost from my cleanse. Not terrible horrible but still not good at all!  And it is time for bad ass mode to switch ON!

Also, this month has exactly 30 days!As some of you know my super sweet darling friend Ashley and I are starting RI30 Jillian Michaels today and challenging  to do it for 30 consecuitve days!

I have done this once before and saw amazing results. Tonight I am taking front, side and back pics and taking my measurements. I will share my results on May 1! This is going to be brutal but I am ready!

There are 4 levels, so I plan on doing levels 1 and 2 for 7 days and levels 3 and 4 for eight days each equaling 30 total days!

I am also starting running training with my other amazing friend Mama Tay Le May! She is such an inspiration to me on this weight loss journey and I am excited to have accountability and motviation!

And last but not least I am joing the Diet Bet that Lex created and it starts April 3 ! This is my first Diet bet I have ever done and am excited to see how I will do/how it will go. The rules basically are you bet money, lose 4% of your weight in 28 days and then split the pot with whoever else was able to do so in your diet bet "group"

And also starts the day of cutting out all of the shit food. It's time to start kicking ass! I have a wedding to attend on April 27 and my brothers graduation party 2 weeks later and I want to be able to go buy and feel good in some cute dresses!

Here we go!


  1. Chicka we are on the same page. In exactly 94 days I am leaving on a jet plane for a destination wedding in Mexico. I will be in a new bathing suit looking spectacular. I do not plan on eating bad except for the major events coming up that I'm required to be at (bridal shower, bachelorette party at a winery of course, and baby shower). Let's do this!!

  2. The dietbet I'm doing right now ends on April 3rd so I might have to join that one now! I don't think I could put up with Jillian for 30 straight days - I'd probably have to mute her the whole time or she'd drive me crazy!

  3. I am right there with ya on getting back on track. Easter weekend was brutal!
    I can't wait to hear about how Ripped in 30 goes. Thats next on my to-do list!

  4. You have this!!! You'll do great! Can't wait to see the before and after pics!

    So glad you had a great birthday and fun Easter!

  5. Glad you had a good birthday weekend! Your boy went all out--nicely done! LOVE the flowers!

  6. I loved RI30! I have had awesome success with it. I'm still doing it for a workout plus 30DS!!

  7. The bf did AWESOME with your birthday!
    Time to get cracking. You can do this!! Can't wait to hear/see results. :)

  8. Good luck with getting back on track! I need to detox from this past week also so I will be starting a new running program tomorrow. Thank you for keeping me entertained with your blog! :)

  9. Glad you had a great birthday weekend. Now go get your ass to jilliannnnnnnnnn

  10. Glad you had an awesome birthday weekend! I LOVE cookie cake!! :)