Monday, April 8, 2013

Great Things To Talk About!

Happy Monday! This girl woke up in a fantabulous mood!

I literally did nothing all week and it was AMAZING! Me and the boy grilled out, watched movies and it was much needed. Love stress free lazy weekends!

So I thought I would "dedicate" this post to updates!

1.) JM- I will admit I did not do my Jm workouts EVERYDAY but mostly. I am struggling as I get so bored but luckily tonight I am starting level 2. I would absolutely love to do Body Pump classes etc and when I reach my "first goal" weight I will treat myself to a gym membership that I can take those classes at :) That will give me extra motviation to lose the last bulk of pounds after that I hope! What are some of your favorite classes you've taken at a gym??

2.) Hal Higdon's 5k Training. I am loving this training so far. I loved c25k to get me to run longer increments of time but I love this one too for the sheer fact that I know I am getting my distance in. c25k really taught me how to run while hal's program is getting my distance up so I can work on my time. I am also doing stickers :) I have never been a runner. RUnning the mile in fitness tests in high school was brutal for me. I am hopig after this t raining I will have the confidence to run a 5k race!

3.) SPARK-Ok this shit is GOOD! I love drinking it in the afternoon for a little pick me up. Plus I plan on working out after work today and it gives me just the push and energy I need for it. I have the fruit punch flavor. It says to mix with 8oz of water but I am mixing it with about 24oz. The boy tried it and says it tastes really watered down so I think its just what you prefer. PLUS you get extra water in for the day :) And I don't even miss pop! hahaha! Kidding! would I EVER say that? I think not but I am learning to live without it. However I did have two on Saturday night and no joke my eyes rolled back in my head it was so good!

4.) DIETBET- Seriously in love with this program. After finiding inspiration to do this through Lex I have found just the extra motivation I need! Its so competivie and you get to win money for getting healthy!? hello!? awesome! And after seeing this little baby this morning I am DEFINITELY signing up for more!

This is basically saying I already made the dietbet goal. It literally says "you have 23 days to lose 0 lbs" :)

Whatever I am doing is working! and I am SO Happy! Last week was a struggle to get through. I know I just have to stay focused and the results I want will come!

Giving up pop (for the most part) and clean eating has been hard. Watching your boyfriend eat an entire bag of cool ranch doritos in one sitting and doesn't gain in an ounce is literally heartwrenching lol But it is paying off by sticking to my diet so far!

I hope I can continue to get results and keep my motivation high and not give into temptation is my biggest downfall! Once I hit my "first goal" weight I'll be sharing my dreaded number with you all! It will be a true testament for how far I've come! I am hoping that will happen by the end of this month/dietbet.

After Spring Break and my birthday I completely lost my steam to do anything but now I am so glad I didn't give up I am so glad that little bump in the road didn't lead me back down a destructive path. No matter what happens, just never give up. Keep pushing!

Here's to a fantabulous week!


  1. Hmmm I might have to try that Spark stuff :)

  2. What flavor Spark do you use? I've been thinking about trying it! Your weekend sounds much like mine! We had no kids and no plans and it was fabulous! Happy Monday girlie!

  3. Can you tell a big difference in your energy when drinking the spark??

  4. Did you do the C25K first? thats what I'm working on now, but I get annoyed its not many miles, so sometimes I do it twice, haha. Have a great Monday!

  5. Awesome work girl! Thanks for help motivate me be get back on the horse. Ever since I was sick I have been so BLAH!

  6. Body Pump sounds a lot like a class at my gym called Group Power. I've yet to try it though! My favorite class at my gym is Group Core. It works just your core obviously and it's only 30 minutes, which I love. Still a good burn though! I also love Zumba and kickboxing.

  7. Way to go, girlie!!!! You're AAAAAAmazing! I love the updates and the explanation of Hal's 5k plan -- I wasn't sure if I had picked the wrong one but now I get it, so thanks!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend, relaxing, lazy weekends just don't come around often enough! Have a good week!

  8. Sounds like you are doing good! I have been thinking about trying Spark, maybe I will finally get around to ordering some! Does it make you jittery at all?

  9. um, youre doing awesome :) So proud of you girly!! And Ill be texting you in the AM for a wake up call :)

  10. So glad you're liking Hal Higdon's program! If you like his 5ks you'd like his 1/2 program too. Juuuust sayin. :)

  11. I loved Fruit Punch Spark too, but I don't find it gave me energy. I felt the same but I loved the flavor lol..fruit punch is the best! Congrats on already kicking Dietbet's ass, too! You rock!