Monday, April 29, 2013

A Change Of Plans!

Hey All! Happy Monday!!!

As most of you know I had my weigh in last Friday with my awesome self (ha!) I was down 2.6. I wanted more (as always) but hey I'll take it at least it moved! I'm on my way!

Also, as most of you know I had planned to do RI30 with Ms Jillian for the month of April. Well that turned into a big fat FAIL! First I was doing it 4 times a week then the flooding happened and I could just never get back onto it. I did however do some sort of excercise every day last week so I am proud of myself for that!

I was contemplating to start over for May and I just happened to stumble upon a new challenge with some of my absolute FAV blog girls! Kate, Kara, Kristie, Kassie, Leigh Ann, Meredith have all teamed up to do an entire month of Jillian and you know it was calling this girls name! I have decided to stick with RI30. It challenges me but goes by fast so I don't really get bored with it!

I still do not have my tv back but I managed to get the DVD out of the player last night so I am golden! As of today I have 28 days left of my 5k training! Before 10k training begins and it will give me that extra push I need! Plus ORB ending is near! This girl needs all the help she can get !

They and I will all be using  #4MChallenge hashtag on IG (follow me @sheerserendipity28) to support one another! Yes I will be taking new before/after pics to show you guys along with the previous ones I took April 1!

I am super excited about this guys and I KNOW I can do it! Who's with me??

Last Monday I posted weekly workout goals and it really helped me stick with it so I am doing that Again :)

Weekly Workout Goals

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2.5 mile run (5k training)

Wednesday: RI30 level1 and 30 minute walk

Thursday: 2 mile run (5k training) and RI30

Friday: RI30 Level 1 and 30 Min walk

Saturday: 2.5 mile run (5k training) and RI30 level 1

Sunday: 50-60 min walk (5k training) and RI30 Level1

Lets get after it! Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!


  1. whoot whoot!!!! Jillian is my girl!!! Youo're going to do awesome!!!! Can't wait to see y'all progress!!! Happy Monday Gorgeous!!!!

  2. I've been taking a cue from you and posting my weekly workout goals. I feel like it really does help keep me accountable. I'll being joining in the May JM challenge as well! Going to get Ripped in 30 today or tomorrow!

  3. Yay I'm glad you are doing the challenge! Another "K" name we can add to the list :) I'm doing Ripped in 30 as well!

  4. The challenge sounds like a good one!
    I'm still toying with whether or not I want to continue with more 1/2 training, or if I want to move on to something a little different (like this challenge with Jillian)... :)

  5. I'm going to have to join this Jillian challenge!

  6. Yay! So glad to have you join us! The more people the better, so I don't let you all down! Hahaha!

  7. I think I am going to check out the JM challenge. What a great idea.

    Great job on the weight loss

  8. Love your workout schedule for the week and I'm so glad you're going to do the challenge too! I might need to pick up some star stickers so I can track my workouts like you! :)

  9. Ok, I'm going to take the challenge - sort of. I think I'll do it on my off C25K days! :)

    Way to go on the loss!!! And way to go on not cheating (or did you?)!!!

  10. Yayy- I'm excited for you to take your JM obsession to the next level haha. I haaaaaate workout tapes, so I'm going to live vicariously through you and perhaps find my own inner motivation to jump on the JM bandwagon :)


  11. Im doing it too hot lady :) The hubs and I were going to anyways, Now I have an excuse to link up on Fridays :)