Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh Prom!

Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday! Worst day of the week! ( right mel?)

Today I am linking up with the amazing beautiful Erin from Homemade Happenings for Prom Pics!

As most of you know prom is right around the corner and my little bro's senior prom is actually this sat (tear!) He is so grown up but I'll have to share those pics with you guys!

Here is a pic from his junior prom last year!

For some reason I can't find any pics from my junior prom but I went with my high school boyfriend and wore a red dress. I did find a pic of my senior homecoming. our colors were purple and gold and thought it would be AWESOME to wear a light colored silk dress, you can't see the whole thing here but you get it.

My senior prom was '07. I was SO in love with my dress. I remember having my mom come meet me and my friends at the store and she walked in and said she didn't like it. But I didn't care and I got that damn dress! It was pink and poofy and glittery and I LOVED it haha. I also went to this dance with my high school boyfriend (I had the same one all 4 years) and we went with all of our friends and had a great time! We got a limo, went to after prom, the works!

Get ready for some picture overload:

I had so much fun with this link up and now I miss high school. I would love to do prom all over again! Is that so lame!? haha I can't wait to see everyone elses pics!

Happy Tuesday! I got a 2.5 miles tongiht. LAWD help me!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Change Of Plans!

Hey All! Happy Monday!!!

As most of you know I had my weigh in last Friday with my awesome self (ha!) I was down 2.6. I wanted more (as always) but hey I'll take it at least it moved! I'm on my way!

Also, as most of you know I had planned to do RI30 with Ms Jillian for the month of April. Well that turned into a big fat FAIL! First I was doing it 4 times a week then the flooding happened and I could just never get back onto it. I did however do some sort of excercise every day last week so I am proud of myself for that!

I was contemplating to start over for May and I just happened to stumble upon a new challenge with some of my absolute FAV blog girls! Kate, Kara, Kristie, Kassie, Leigh Ann, Meredith have all teamed up to do an entire month of Jillian and you know it was calling this girls name! I have decided to stick with RI30. It challenges me but goes by fast so I don't really get bored with it!

I still do not have my tv back but I managed to get the DVD out of the player last night so I am golden! As of today I have 28 days left of my 5k training! Before 10k training begins and it will give me that extra push I need! Plus ORB ending is near! This girl needs all the help she can get !

They and I will all be using  #4MChallenge hashtag on IG (follow me @sheerserendipity28) to support one another! Yes I will be taking new before/after pics to show you guys along with the previous ones I took April 1!

I am super excited about this guys and I KNOW I can do it! Who's with me??

Last Monday I posted weekly workout goals and it really helped me stick with it so I am doing that Again :)

Weekly Workout Goals

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2.5 mile run (5k training)

Wednesday: RI30 level1 and 30 minute walk

Thursday: 2 mile run (5k training) and RI30

Friday: RI30 Level 1 and 30 Min walk

Saturday: 2.5 mile run (5k training) and RI30 level 1

Sunday: 50-60 min walk (5k training) and RI30 Level1

Lets get after it! Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's What Makes You Beautiful!

Happy Thursday!!!! One Direction anyone?! Fing LOVE that song, so catchy, takes me back to my boy band days ha!

Today I am linking up with some amazing girls Erin, Alicia, and Jodi, seriously each one of them is so great for Celebrate your true beauty!


A few posts ago Jodi posted a true beauty video about how hard women are on themselves and see and describe themselves as much worse than other people that see them. If you haven't seen it go check it out it's absolutely amazing and so true. Made me tear up watching it. No joke.

So the point of this link up is to celebrate our true beauty naming 3 things that we think is beautiful about ourselves. I am challenging myself to come up with 3 outer beauty things because that is most difficult and what the video was all about how people see you without even knowing you.

First off I want to say that I do not think I am pretty by any means. I never have, not at any weight. I am one of those people that if a guy would ever come up to me or anything I immediately close off. I am not open or friendly I get the feeling like, "what do you want?" "why are you talking to me?" I am not flattered. I think its because they want something or are trying to make fun of me to "just be nice." I don't know why I am like that but it never crosses my mind that anyone would actually find me attractive, strangers anyway. I'm talking about strangers coming up and just randomly talking to you. When I am out wiht my friends I always let them lead conversations because I know guys would rather be with them then me (in my single days of course.)

Isn't that awful?? I don't know why I think like that. Maybe becasue I have never felt good enough. Maybe because I got made fun of when I was younger, I had HORRENDOUS teeth. Who knows but I am so glad the girls made this link up. As I am getting older I am finding myself becoming more and more ok with myself. Finding the beauty in all things, even the little things. As an adult its easier to become at peace with yourself and I am definitely on that journey, a little more everyday.

Ok, now that my rant is over lets get to the three things I find beautiful about myself. with a little humor added of course..ugh here we go...

1.) My hair. I really like that I have blonde hair. I love the dark and light high lights. I like that its thick. That I can wear it straight or curly. That it holds curls with a curling iron really well and generally lays pretty nice, with the right humidity of course ;)

2.) My eyes. They're green. They're big, but not too big. I feel like they stand out, are a pretty color but not sunken in or anything and a nice shape. Not that you can tell in a black/white pic but whatevs it was the only close up I could find lol

3.) Last but not least, my butt. I am definitely hour glassed and a little pear shaped. I am definitely bigger on bottom and I've always gotten compliments on my butt haha. I think it has a nice shape and looks good in some jeans lol. And as always gotta have a pic with that! (side note: pic is WAY old. I want that body back!)

That's all I got for today people! I can't wait to read everyone elses post!

I am anxiously awaiting my weigh in tomorrow, I  hope its a good one. The boy is grilling out for me tonight again so hopefully It's a good healthy dinner :) Putting that sucker into mfp will be quite interesting haha :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIW, So What and Am I runner?

Its Weigh In Wednesday! One more day of work for the week for this girl and it cannot come soon enough!

Plus I am way excited to step on that scale on Friday. I hope it's going to be good to me. I feel so free not weighing myself everyday I just hope my hard work is reflected on the scale this week. I did not have a good weigh in last week so, heres to trying something new and it working!

So, as many of you may know via IG last night (follow me @Sheerserendipity28) I completed 2.25 miles last night! Straight! I may have had to go slow but I wasn't trying to go fast I was just trying to last! And you know what?! I did it! I am following Hal Hidgon's novice 5k training and am loving it so far! Plus the stickers help SO much it's like being rewarded like a little kid again!

A lot of the time whether when I'm working out or completing anything really I'll just do the min amount, telling myself that thats good enough. For instance, if I'm running ok run for another 2 minutes, run until the end of this song then I can walk that is good enough. I never ever just pushed mysefl through that until last night.

I felt on top of the freaking world! Of course I felt like I was going to die also BUT the end feeling was AMAZING! (side note on this, I realized last night that I never take pics of the treadmill time or map my run( not that i run outside yet) but to prove that I'm actually doing this! So note to self take more pics proving my runs not just selfies! Although this pic proves I was doing some kind of cardio activity-enters hot mess-literally!

Which brings to my next thought. It is amazing to me how much your mind can change about certain things in such a short amount of time. I used to be like omg how am I EVER going to run for 5 minutes straight!? Even going in to last night's run of 2.25 miles I was doubting myself, not knowing if I could push myself that far, not knowing if I was going to let myself down. But I did it and was  SO proud of myself. My next run tomorrow is 1.5 miles and after my run last night thinking about my run tomorrow I thought "pssh 1.5miles?! that's nothing! I totally got that!" Say what!?! where in the world did that thinking from this girl come from!?! I never in a million years would have EVER said that about over a mile of straight running! Am I really becoming a runner??

It is so amazing to me how much your thinking about your self, your capabilites can change in so little of time. With every increasing distance run I grow a little stronger. I have done things already that I never thought were possible. Going through this training has taught me that really ANYTHING is possible. It will totally SUCK in the beginning. BUt look at me! It's only been 4 weeks and I am already thinking and KNOWING 1.5 miles aint got nothin on me!

I know I have a LONG journey ahead of me. I know I will push myself, it will just keep getting harder but I in turn will just keep getting stronger. My advice to anyone wanting to try something like this is just do it! Slowly but surely your body and your mind will start to change, and the feeling you get afterwards is indescribable and SO worth it!

Next I am linking up with Shannon for So what Wednesdays!

So What Wednesday

So what!....

...If I am becoming dangerously obssessed with white chocolate wonderful peanut butter! that stuff is amazeballs! Literally look forward to eating it every single day

...If I am literally so tired from work and working out I am ready for bed at 9PM most nights

...If I STILL cant get my RI30 in because I don't have my tv back yet from the flooding :(

...If I stay in bed every morning until the last possible second I can before I would be late to work

...If I pretty much eat the same things in the same order every day. I am a creature of habit what can I say

...If I ordered 3 dresses online for graduations/weddings coming up and have no idea if they will fit or not

...If I am so proud of myself for my food choices this week and logging everything in MFP yet keep dreaming about wine macaroni and cheese, and chinese.

There you have it! WIW and So what! Check back tomorrow for another amazing link up I am joining in with my fav girl ever Erin about finding beauty within ourselves!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Things First and 5k training

Happy Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Halie once again for First Things First (love this link up) ( again the button for the link up doesn't work at work-lame)

This weeks topics are:
First thing you would do/buy if you won the lottery
First person you call when you get amazing news
First thing you do when you've had a bad day

1.) First thing you would do/buy if you won the lottery- Definitely buy my own house. I have been looking for awhile now and I am one of those people that do not like change so I plan on staying there for at least marriage, perhaps 1 child. I am picky lol

2.) First person you call when you get amazing news- This depends. Either my mom of my boyfriend depending on what the news is. If it's girlie and something he wouldn't understand my mom if its something I think he would care about or sometimes not even that I tell him first haha

My family.

 The boy and me in Colorado last fall

3.) First thing you do when you've had a bad day - This could go one of two ways depending on the severity of my bad day. Either A- call my mom or boy to vent/bitch about it just so I feel better or B- take a long hot shower, get amazing chinese take out and watch a marathon of girlie tv to make myself feel better without talking to a single soul. You will know not to talk to me when I am in one of these moods ha!

Next I am linking up with KTJ for 5k training!

I did NOT get in my time with Jillian yesterday as the carpet is still not fixed, hopefully today :/ BUT I did however get over an hour of walking in around the campus of my work. (follow me on IG @Sheerserendipity28 to see more pics I don't share on here)

Also, as most of you know I am doing Hal Hidgon's 5k training and have just started week 4. I have a 2.25 mile to do tonight and I am excited to tackle it and see if I can run the whole thing. We shall see!

In other news, as most of you know as well I have rejoined MFP (friend me @kadimarie28) and am LOVING it this time. I am happy to report I did get my 1200 calories in yesterday and I feel amazing! I am praying my weigh in on Friday will show the efforts I have put in so far :)

Here's to another great day everyone! Lets get after it!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap, Weekly Goals and Calorie Challenges

Happy Monday!!!!

The week is upon us again and once again the weekend just flew right on by!

Thursday night the boy made me an AMAZING dinner omg best cheat meal to date! (Follow me on instagram @sheerserendipity28) Friday I delt with the carpet people all day long ( more on that later) and Saturday I grocery shopped and food prepped for the week. Yesterday was spent at work blah! Then me and my baby girl lolie had a great doggie/mommy walk around the neighborhood :)

I am happy to report that I have NOT stepped on the scale since Friday and will NOT be stepping on it again until this Friday. I am challenging myself to a whole week of not stepping on it. This is probably the first time I have ever done this. I didn't weigh myself at all the first 30 lbs I lost and just went by jean size. So HOPEFULLY the scale is nice to me this week!

I also got in my 1.5 mile, 2 mile AND 50 minute walk this weekend. It still sucks. I still have to push through it but the end feeling is all worth it. The smile that you get from pushing yourself even farther then you thought and think I freakin did it!  I hope that it just gets easier. But I will keep pushing and will not stop I am in this for the long haul!

As far as JM goes to make a long story short we got water in our basement from all of the raining. The carpet people had to come out and dry it all out and replace the padding and had to unplug my tv etc and put them in boxes while they dried for 3 days. No damage and it should be back together today but my DVD was in that player that is now in a box so I have not had the pleasure of of JM since Wednesday (not that I am complaining.) Tonight I am starting Level 3!

This is what my lovely room looks like at the moment. Pure JOY! (sarcasm at its finest)

Which brings me to my Weekly Goals for this week. I have decided to take a nod from Elle Noel and put my weekly goals up on Monday as a way to hold myself accountable for the week, It's time to step up my game. I will get to goal weight!

Workout Goals:

Monday: RI30 and 30 min treadmill walk
Tuesday: 2.25 mile run (5k training)
Wednesday: RI30 and 30 min treadmill walk
Thursday: 1.5 mile run (5k training)
Friday: Rest and/or RI30
Saturday: 2.25 mile run (5k training)
Sunday: RI30 and 45-60 min walk (5k training)

I feel really good about my workout goals and know I can do this so keep me accountable! I want that good weigh in on Friday!

As far as food goes. I've stepped up my game on this one as well. As a lot of you know I tried MFP before and HATED it! It just seemed like so much work and was so time consuming to me. If I wanted to track all of my calories why not just write them down myself?  However, last weeks sucky weigh in made me wake up and realize I really need to buckle down and see what I'm consuming how much etc. And besides all the cool kids are doing it right!? (follow me on MFP @ kadimarie28)

Since Friday I have logged EVERYTHING I have eaten. And you know what? I wasn't eating NEAR enough calories before this. I think I have found my new love in MFP. It is amazing what you can find out you like just by giving it another chance :) I obviously didn't give MFP a very good chance the first go around because this time I found the little bar code scanner thingy, genius! I am excited to keep tracking my food intake to make sure I get enough calories in a day etc.

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. I really struggled to get my at LEAST 1200 calories in yesterday. I found that I had about 200 left but I was already over in Sugar and about out of fat (5g) for the entire day. I had no idea what I could eat that was low fat low sugar but still had a good amount of calories. So I didn't eat. I know this is wrong and I feel so guilty but does anyone else have this dilemma? Should I focus more on sugar and fat content or just reaching the calories I should be eating ?

I know a big reason I go over in sugar is that I am currently using up the protein shakes I ordered from advocare back when I did the cleanse first thing in the morning as part of my breakfast. They have 12g of sugar each which I think is a bit too high. I only have a few left and have been looking up other protein shakes. I remembered that about a year ago I tried body by vi and still had the protein shakes. I compared the two (advocare and body by vi) nutritional facts and found that is very nutrious and has virtually no sugar but only 12g of protein.
Meal Replacement Shake

(Side note: if you don't know what body by vi is its a shake youre suppoesed to replace two meals a day with to help you lose weight.) this is NOT what I want to do. I am thinking about doubling up two shakes into one big shake in the morning for my morning protein shake as PART of my breakfast. THat would take me to about 180 calories, 24g of protein and a lot less sugar (like 2 g total) than I am consuming right now just in one shake. That way I wouldn't have to spend extra money right now and would still get my protein I want in the morning and be able to eat just like I have been.

What do you all think about this? Is this logical? A good idea? Or should I just look at other protein shakes to have in the morning?

Here's to a great week of kicking ass! I am DOING This! Thank you for all your love and support you guys. I truly cannot thank you enough for all of you do on this journey with me :)

Operation Skinny Jeans

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finish the sentence!

Hello Lovlies! Today is this girls Friday and I am feeling good again.

First off, thank you SO MUCH for the OVERWHELMING outpour of support after my debbie downer post yesterday. Each and every one of your words means so much to me and inspires me to keep pushing.

I fall more in love with this little blogging community everyday and how everyone is rooting for each other and tips and tricks on how to stick it out. I LOVE YOU ALL is an understatement so THANK YOU!

Ok, and now on to the good stuff. Today I am linking up with the very fab Holly and Jake for finish the sentence!


1. I laughed so hard I cried when...  I read Hubby Jack's post yesterday about Laura from Walking In Memphis In High Heels. Seriously the BEST post I have EVER read. SO FUNNY!

2. My high school...  was pretty cool.  I don't have any horrible memories from it. I am still friends with a lot of my friends from high school and I really do miss the football games, tailgating and sleepovers

3. It really pisses me off... Lets be honest here, A LOT of shit pisses me the f off haha. Most recently is people that talk about themselves. It drives me crazy when people come up to you and start a conversation with you and then you start thinking why are you even talking to me? I haven't even said a word you're just talking to me so you can hear your own voice. SO annoying! Be real people! Aint nobody got time for that!

4. In ten years... I hope to be able to get to and sustain my goal weight. Be married and perhaps two children. I would also love to find a job I really enjoy that would make me happy. Actually I just want to be happy within myself, even 10 years from now.

5. If I could erase one thing...I wouldn't. Every bad memory, bad situation has made me the person that I am today. I am strong believer in everything happens for reason. Now do I wish some things should have happened differently? Yes but I wouldn't erase anything.

6. In 1999... I was ten years old. Was IN LOVE with NSYNC and Britney and was convinced that y2k was the end of the world

7. Honestly... I wish the weight I want to lose would just fall the f off but that isn't realistic. Honestly, I need to be a more postive person, and be more happy with where I am today.

8. To me, Sushi... its amazing! Love that stuff. BUT I can't eat with chopsticks to save my life! Wish I could though

9. Someone really needs to invent... a teleportation device. Seriously could save a shit ton of time.

10. The first time I drank alcohol... oh LORD! First time I drank alcohol I got wasted on smirnoff ice grape. NEVER again!

11. The one question I would ask God is... I wouldn't ask him anything. I would just thank him for  being there.

12. Lindsay Lohan...  needs to get her shit together. I mean really!? what happened from the parent trap, freaky friday and mean girls? Loved her then!

That's it for today lovlies! Sorry my answers aren't funny but at least they're honest :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIW, Weight, and Workouts

It's Wednesday! I don't know about where all of you guys here but we have a chance for flash flooding and snow all in the same day, joy right?

First of all HELLO to my new followers and thank you so much for following along with me through my journey! :)

Also, long story short the boy wasn't feeling too well last night so movie will have to be another day. Oh wells. I treated myself to Applebees 550 calories or less garlic sirloin with potatoes and spinach filled mushroom cap. It was AMAZING. Never had it before and def would get it again.
Anyways today is WIW with my girls Erin and Alex! Today I will be discussing weight, workouts, and updates.


Weight: Ok, so I promised you guys I would stop weighing myself every single day because it can get overwhelming and depressing. However, when I got on the scale this morning and saw .2 loss since Friday, my heart sank. I have been working out everyday keeping up with my Hal Hidgon's training and doing JM RI30 on my off days. I have been eating very clean (around 1200 calories a day) cutting out most processed foods, sugar, bread, cheese, dairy etc. AND in the last two weeks I only had pop last friday, and that was even diet. And I've been drinking over 90oz of water every single day.

It's just so depressing.  I know I can't give up, I know I have to keep pushing but I don't know what to do from here. I've never been this dedicated and just stopped at the same number on the scale. I know the scale isn't everything but I still have quite a bit of weight to lose and I don't feel like I am at the point where its the last little bit to lose or anything.

Also, not to give too much TMI but I started last night. The time of the month. So I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I am going to monitor this number closely I dont know if  Ishould up my calories, up my workouts, both? neither? We'll see. Hopefully this is the reason why and I will start seeing that number go down once this time of the month is over. Any one have any thoughts?

Workouts: In other news I am doing fab on my workouts. I am getting in all my Hal Hidgon's 5k training runs. I ran 2 miles last night. I had to stop once, but still I finished it and I am proud of it. I know it is just going to get better.

I haven't added my sticker for yesterday's workout yet :) See those little JM in the bottom right hand corner of the boxes for this week? that is when I am doing JM

JM. I originally planned to do RI30 everyday this month. However, now I am doing it on my off days of not running to get my strength training in. This has bee nworking for me as  I can look forward to doing something different every other day, however with the scale not moving  I think I may have to go back to doing RI30 everyday. I'll just have to play around with it and see.

Also, I sucked at keeping up with her last week so I am redoing level 2 even though I hate it. I know I will be able to move on to level 3 by next week and am so excited to get out of level 2 haha

I know there will be ups and downs of this journey as it is important to show all sides good and bad while going through my weight loss. I am not goign to beat myself up about it. I am not going to stop. I just need to turn this setback into a comback ( love this quote.)

This pic may look familiar to you (p.s you should follow me on IG @sheerserendipity28) I can't wait till I can hold up more numbers as I continue to push myself further and further. I have to stay positive!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FTF & Blogger Fail

It's Tuesday! Which I'm starting to believe Mel more and more that this truly is the worst day of the week!

First up the ever lovely Holly and fab Kimmy are hosting Yearbook link up. But now that I am at work and have no pics with me and I can't partcipate till later boo! But be sure to check back later on, I got some good ones for ya!

So I thought I would link up with another one of my fav bloggers link up for first things first with Halie! For some reason I cannot post the button at work it doesn't load on the hosts page lame!

This weeks topics are:
First movie you went to without your parents
First sport you played (either Little League-style or in school)
First major injury

1.) I know this wasn't the first movie I went to see without my parents but it is one of my first memories of going to a movie by myself with myfriends. Don't we all remember this little gem?

Oh Lord did I LOVE this movie, went out and bought it on VHS right when it came out ha!

2.) I didn't play any sports growing up except dance. I danced from 2-18. Again No cute pics of these just yet but they are coming, promise!

3.) I feel so boring this one I have NEVER gotten hurt. I mean when I was three I busted my head open underneath the deck and had to get staples in it but it's not like I remember that. Lame.

In other news me and the boy are going to see OZ tonight. I am not too into the whole thing but he really wants to see it and because I have pretty much been looking forward to this cheat meal in butter popcorn I am dying to go haha. Anyone seen this movie? thoughts?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my weight loss journey updates and my LOVELY young pics of myself. But heres a recent one to make myself feel less like a big blogger fail!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Day I ran 1.5 miles for the first time without stopping

Happy Monday! The weekend is over boo :( Gone too soon as always, but this positvie patty has motivation Monday written all over her!

The most extordinary thing happened this weekend. As most of you know I am doing Hal Hidgon's 5k training plan and just finished week two of that. Well Thursday night happened and the boy grilled out for us so needless to say I did not get my scheduled 1.5 miles in that day. Then Friday came and went and again training got put to the side.

When I woke up on Saturday I knew I had to get it done. I had two runs and a walk to get done before Monday and I wasn't going to let myself fall behind. Before I would have just gotten further behind and gave up because I couldn't keep up but those days are over! I didn't think when I woke up. I ate breakfast, I put on my workout clothes, laced up, and got on the treadmill. I didn't let myself try to talk myself out of it, dread doing it, put it off a little longer etc. I just went for it. I put on my ipod and made myself not look down. This wasn't about timing, distance etc this was about learning to enjoy a run, even if it was a little run, something I have never experienced before.

At first, I went slow. I didn't want to tire myself out too quickly. I had put a killer playlist to play during this ( you know where I could bust out the lip syncing hardcore in my own music video kind) And I just started running. I tried to just focus on the music, pushing myself more and more through each song. When I finally started getting tired I let myself look down at the treadmill. I was preparing to be let down. I was preparing to see that I had only run .8 miles or something that wasn't even close to my goal. When I looked down and saw 1.34 I had the biggest smile on my face. I knew I could finish this without stopping. I freaking did it! Tears started welling up in my eyes because I had accomplished something I wanted so badly. And it didn't kill me.

I was so proud in that moment and I finished strong. I felt on top of the world, so much stronger then I ever have before. I have always hated working out, even when I was thin. I couldn't even run a mile straight in high school. ever. I have never felt stronger then before, like I could do anything. It really is possible. You just have to believe in yourself. Hard work WILL pay off. For the first time in my life I actually started thinking that I could actually sign up for races, something I was so afraid to do before because of fear of failure. But now I feel like I can push myself to do anything. It's amazing what accomplishing one little goal will do to you to push you to do more.

I really am learning so much about this weight loss JOURNEY. About pushing myself to become a better version of me. The scale hasn't moved at all not even .01 since Friday and I don't even care. I feel so proud of myself after this weekend and all I want to do is push myself to be even better. It is possible. Little by little, day by day, accomplishing one goal at a time you really can do anything you put your mind too and I am only starting to see that it is really mind over matter. No matter what never give up. This is the one and only life were given and I don't plan on wasting another second of it ever again.

Top: ruffles with love sz medium. Bottoms: yoga capri leggings from Victoria's secret size large

Mingle 240