Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Giveaway Winner and FTF

Happy Tuesday! I'm BAAAACK!

First off let's do a recap of the weekend. I was doing GREAT with the cleanse until Saturday morning when BAM! I've been hit with the sick bug :( I haven't worked out since Friday. My eating is still good but being sick I haven't been able to move the past few days :(

I was even off work yesterday which is why I didn't get around to even blogging which SUCKED. I still feel like Ass but today I am back at work and back to blogging :)

And on to more important things, if you're name is Brooke P YOU HAVE WON MY FRIST GIVEAWAY!!!! Please email me your information so I can get this gift card out to you!!!! Also, for those of you that participated thank you so much!!! You all mean so much to me!!!

First magazine subscription- My first magazine subscription was Seventeen and Cosmogirl. I LIVED on these magazines, even though I was only like 13 at the time. good times
First real piece of jewelry you owned-THe first real piece of jewelry I owned was a diamond necklace that my dad bought me. I still have it although I don't wear it anymore..kinda went out of style with the bright yellow gold and all...
First time staying home alone- I started staying home alone after school when I was in 4th grade. That fall I got locked out and had to sit in the garage and did my homework in there and waited for my parents to get home ( too bad this was before cell phone times geeze)
Well that's it for now short and sweet blog post and no pictures cuz I SUCK! I promise I will be back in full force tomorrow! Last day of the cleanse tomorrow! At this point I know I won't be at goal vaca weight but I'm hoping within a few pounds of that :)


  1. Aw, being sick sucks! Boo. Hope you feel better, girl!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!!! I think my first subscription was Seventeen, too! :)

  3. Poor thing, my house is sick too :( Baby girl has pink eye, my husband has bronchitis and I have a cold :( But I am determined to get out there and pound the pavement, feel better lady! dying to hear about your results!

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!
    Oh my gosh, yes, Seventeen was THE magazine to get. But I think my friends and I were reading it in middle school. Because that's what all middle schoolers should be filling their minds with. Whoops.
    I was a latch-key-kid at a pretty young age. I could NEVER answer the door if the bell rang. If the house phone rang I had to wait for the answering machine to go off. If my parents were calling they would talk to the recorder, telling me to pick up the phone. HA! How far we've come with cell phones.

  5. Get better soon! Thanks for linking up.

  6. Too bad you're sick! That's always a big bummer! Yay for almost being done w/ the cleanse, tho!!!

    That was a fun FTF! I forgot about it this week, will have to try to get back on the train next Tuesday!

    How much snow did you end up with? We had flurries and that was all! So happy we missed that one, although there are 2 more in the 7day forecast - yuck!

  7. Oh girl I also thought I was soo awesome for reading the teen magazines before I was really old enough! But locking yourself out of your house totally sounds like something I would do! Actually, that's because I *still* do it, ALL the time...Oopsies. Glad you joined in and linked up with us again this week!!

  8. I forgot about Cosmo Girl! Fun times.