Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cleanse Results are here and NSV!

It's Thursday It's Thursday! Last day of the week for this girl and last work day for 10 DAYS! So freakin pumped!

Well, I made it! I did it! The end of the cleanse is here! Today I am going to reflect on the cleanse as a whole, what I learned and results obv.

As many of you know for the last 10 days I have been doing the Advocare cleanse. I would recommend this to ANYONE! It was gentle on the system, the pills and fiber drink were not horrible to get through and the benefits are a-may-zing! I have tons more energy I sleep through the whole night and I just feel so refreshed!

This cleanse not only gets rid of all the nastiness in your system it also teaches you the right foods to eat and when. Which is exactly why I did this. I want to lose weight yes but I don't want a quick fix either. This is a long haul journey and I want to make LIFESTYLE changes.

I would love to do the entire advocare challenge here maybe this summer? I am interested to see what the whole challenge could do for my body and the changes I am wanting to see.

Also, as many of you know I haven't worked out since Friday. I am feeling a little better today thank the lawd but I am also curious to see what kind of results I would have gotten if I had worked out everyday.

So, as you may have guessed I did NOT make my vaca goal weight. As of today I am 4.3lbs away. But you know what? I'll take it! I worked as hard as I could and I know once I come back from vaca it is on!

FYI, I have been a horrible blogger this week and haven't taken or included any pics. I know I suck. But since I am feeling better I promise to be  better from here on out!

Speaking of pics, I have pics of the scale to show my results but not hitting my goal "vaca weight" I am just not ready to share that number. And as long as I maintain hopefully over vaca I will drop those 4lbs as soon as I get back so I can really get down to the nitty gritty for the last few lbs!

ANd now what you've all been waiting for! My total weight loss for the cleanse? 9.1 lbs!!!! I'll freakin take it! I am trying not get down on myself not being able to work out.I know these results are amazeballs but I can't help but think what it would have been like if I had worked out! Oh well no use dwelling on the past! Only to push forward! Right!?!

Now that the cleanse is over it's time for real life and real food. I REALLY wnated to get french toast, pancakes, syrup for breakfast but did I? nope! I don't want to undo everything I have just done. Instead I had eggs and afew slices of REAL bacon. It was delicious!

However, tonight I'm seeing mexican, cheese dip and some froyo in my bellly. I gots too. Not overboard. Just moderation :)


And just because no post would be complete without a link up! My NSV was hard to think of this week becasue this week really was all about the scale.

I would say my biggest NSV this week was just learning to eat the right foods and when. That it really is mind over matter. Don't give up what you really want for something you want right now. I proved to myself the last 10 days how mentally strong I am and that now more than ever I KNOW I can do this. I know I can get to my goal weight! Sooner or later its gonna happen! ORB!

And just cuz I feel really bad about no pics I'm throwing one of me and the boy out for his bday last Friday which really has no signifcance to this post what so ever. Whatevs.

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Be sure to check back tomorrow for what's next, a recipe and vaca prep! Whoo! How did everyone else do on the cleanse??


  1. Way to freaking go! That is awesome!!!!

  2. Awesome NSV. I really want to try the Advocare cleanse but I'm really turned off by the price. Is it really worth $192.25? that just seems CRAZY to me. for 10 days. Ugh. I'm really contemplating it though...

  3. Wellllll hot damn, you go girl! I'm so glad I am doing this now that I've seen your results!

  4. Congrats on your results! What all did you purchase from Advocare for your cleanse? I saw some people were doing the fiber drinks and spark and some people had supplements. I am thinking about doing something like this.

  5. WAY TO GO GIRLIE!!! That is freaking awesome!! You should be SO proud of yourself! Hell, I am super proud of you!! Enjoy that delicious dinner tonight!! And you can't ask for a better NSV than that! Keep up the awesome work! xo

  6. Great job on the cleanse! I'm sure you'll make your goal vacation weight in no time!

  7. That is awesome weight loss!!! Congrats!!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss girly!!!

  9. Holy cow, that's awesome!! Way to go lady!

  10. You are so stinkin' cute! Congrats on the successful cleanse and weight loss, that's awesome! Enjoy your vacation girl!

  11. Way to go! Awesome work girl, you totally deserve it! Hope my results after 10 days of my cleanish eating are 1/2 that good! Now have an GREAT time on vaca!

  12. Wow, great job!!! That's so exciting!!! And that it taught you s/t, that's the most imporatant part of the cleanse!

    Your boy is cute, what is his tattoo of? That pic made me smile. :)

  13. Congrats on the 9.1 lb loss! I am super jealous! Did the cleanse make you feel like you had more energy??

    Have a wonderful vaca!


    P.S. I am linking up with KTJ and Lex and will continue to follow you through your journey!

  14. Hi, Kadi I'm new here. Glad to found you on KTJ and follow. I agree with you. It's not easy to battle an inner demon and win. Congrats on your victory so far. Looking forward to read more from u.


  15. I"ve enjoyed reading about your cleanse and results! Congratulations!!! Thanks for linking up and sharing :)