Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cleanse Day Two and My Baby Girl

Happy Tuesday Girlies!

Ok, so update on day 1 of advocare cleanse. It was honestly not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I ate all of my planned meals listed yesterday. The only KICKER was my and the bf went to Silver Linings Playbook last night and when we got to the theatre the second that popcorn smell hit my nose I wanted it like none other! I even thought about maybe if we just shared a small...maybe if I just got a kids pack...maybe I could at least get a pop?

But I am happy to say I did not do any of those things. It was hard but it was worth it! Now on to day 2. I did not end up working out yesterday which isn't recommended anyway since I went to the movie instead but whatevs. Back at it tonight! I also drank a shit ton of water and at about the 8th time peeing in the day I remember litterally thinking on the toilet I am SO SICK of peeing all of the time!

Day 2 eating schedule:
8:30 AM Fiber Drink and 8 oz of water
9:00 AM Two over easy eggs (only ate one yolk)
11:00 AM Oatmeal with cinnamon
1:00PM-Left over cajun shrimp and asparagas
5:00 PM-Grapes
7:00 PM- More shrimp and asparagus :)
9:00 PM- PM pills

I drink water all day long. If you know anything about me I hate water. I am basically using my food as a chaser to get my water done. If I chug as much as I can I get to reward myself with a bite of my meal at the time. Hey whatever works right?

I will be doing c25k tonight and ri30 so we shall see how the energy level is tonight. I am going to TRY to get up early tomorrow and get it done in the morning :/ I just keep thinking to myself it's only 10 days and in less than 2 weeks I can sleep in till whenever I want and do whatever I want on vaca :)

And now onto a link up I just HAD to do!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm OBSSESSED with my dog. Her name is lola and she is a 3 year old morkie (half maltese half yorkie) I didn't even want a dog but when my eyes and hers met I knew she had to be mine.

When we first got her the breeder said she wouldn't get over about 7lbs. I had never had a small dog before so I was pumped. I was going to dress her in bows and outfits and I even got her a blinged out silver doggie purse so that I could carry her around in! (sadly do not have it anymore for a pic)

However, the breeder was wrong. Fast forward to today, she won't keep any bows in her hair, she won't even move if you put an outfit on her and she weighs 13lbs now. I never even got to carry her around in the little doggie purse :( lol

oh well I still loves her so much and she really is the best dog. She has a huge kennel she sleeps in but I leave it open all of the time. And every morning after my first alarm clock goes off she jumps on my bed, comes up to my face and pats the covers like come on mom time to get up and she goes under the covers and lays down in between my legs for some cuddle time. Its my favorite time with her :)

Here is some more pics of this little love bug

She had just gotten her haircut in this one and was PISSED I still love the pic though :)

How many of you guys are doing the cleanse? How did you think day one went? Any fur moms?


  1. Ahhh your baby is sooo cute! I'm doing that link up with my post on Thursday! :)

  2. She's so cute! When input shirts on my little dog she will just stand there all awkward and not move too. My big dog gets so excited when input one in him, but its hard to find shirts that fit!

  3. aaww she is so cute :) Glad you did NOT eat the popcorn, good decisions :)

  4. your baby is SO adorable. Where did you get this cleanse routine? I doesn't sound too bad!

  5. She is ADORBS!!! Way to go on the willpower! i would have not been able to resist popcorn!

  6. way to stay strong on the popcorn front....that mess is BAD!!! {but oh so good!}

  7. She has the cutest little face! What a little button! And I love that she's your little alarm clock!

    Glad to see you held strong for the cleanse! Movie popcorn never tastes as good as it smells anyways. At least that's what we'll tell ourselves! :)

  8. Oh my goodness gracious, she is SO adorable! Love anything part yorkie. = )

  9. So happy to hear Day 1 wasn't too bad. Now, how's Day 2 going? :)

    Damn snow!!!

  10. Oh my that is one cute doggie!! My dogs are not amused by bows, antlers, or any other type of article of clothing/accessory that touches their heads. My Puggle, Gracie, will proudly sport clothes though. But if anyone laughs or makes fun of her, she gets pissed and mopes around the rest of the day.

  11. What a cutie! I'm a sucker for a snuggly dog. Thanks for linking up with us!

  12. Your four-legged baby is SO CUTE! If my dog wasn't a small horse he'd probably make for a great snuggle buddy. Maybe our next dog will be small. :)
    Cheers to the end of Day 1 and start of Day 2!

  13. CINNAMON!!! OMG I am such an idiot. I ate that shit plain yesterday and it was the nastiest oatmeal E V E R!!!!

  14. I adore her! Morkies are the BEST. Our vet told us mine would get to be up to 12/13 lbs but he has stayed at 9.5 lbs the past 6 months or more and he is 2 yrs old now so he is full grown. Also, we picked him instead of one of his brothers because he was super calm in comparison when we met them, but now is the total opposite. Glad to hear I'm not the only one and yours is known for being opposite too.