Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cleanse Day 4 and NSV

It's Thursday! Well, my Friday :)

Recap on Day 3 of this cleanse: I ate everything I said I was going to yesterday except for the apple in the afternoon. I am still getting a slight headache in the afternoon and am wanting to sleep a lot but other than that its not so bad.

Today is Day 4 of not one single sip of Pop! I don't think this has ever happened. I mean ever. In my entire life that I can remember (not when I was a kid obv). Today is also the first day  Idon't have to drink the fiber drink and I am NOT complaining. Not as bad as I thought but def not good . Not something I look forward to chugging. ugh.

Today's Plan of Eating:
8:20AM: Am pribiotic pills
9:00AM: grapes
10:00AM: Tbs natual pb (hey I like to lick it off the spoon don't judge haha)
11:00AM: Oatmeal with cinnamon
1:00PM: Chicken, shrimp and aspargaus (had to use what I had left)
4:00PM Apple
7:00PM- date night dinner out
10:00PM- PM cleanse pills

Yes you read that right this is the first night I will be eating OUT on the cleanse. I am scared but I know I can do it. I know the rules. I'm used to the rules. and I feel FREAKIN FAN FING TASTIC! I got this! Doesn't mean I don't want to have 10 diet cokes and shrimp alfredo but you know what? I have will power and it will all be worth it!

Today I am linking up with Lex and KTJ for NSV!


I feel like most of my victories this week were NSV considering I didn't really particpate in WIW this week due to the cleanse.

First up was Monday. Me and the Boy went to see this
It was such a cute movie. I loved it. But walking in to that theatre and smelling that popcorn sucked balls. Big time! But I prevailed and I did not get any! (still dreaming about it though)

Next up was this yesterday at work

Like really!? It smelled SO good and I wanted some greasy cheesy goodness like no ones business! BUT again I did not have any am so proud of myself!

Last but not least Tuesday was my wk5 day 3 c25k which is the first 20 minute straight run. I wanted to quit at 10. I really wanted to quit at 15 I told myself I could just walk a few minutes. But then I remembered how bad I wanted my ultimate goal. I told myself that every struggle to push through would be worth it, it would be over soon. And I DID it. I never thought I could run 20 minutes straight. Sure it wasn't fast but it was consistent!

I am feeling amazing on this cleanse now! I cannot wait for my and everyone elses results next Thursday! The weekend is here and it will be hard to stay on top of it but I know I can do it!

Check back tomorrow for my first every giveaway celebrating 100+ followers LOVE you guys! And Link up with one of my fav Holly!


  1. I'm so proud of you for abstaining from soda four days in a row! And I'm glad you feel great on the cleanse! All these positive Advocare reviews makes me want to turn on a whole foods kick!

  2. You are doing so great - way to stay away from the pizza.

  3. I love your motivation! I'm trying to find excuses not to run today, and really, there isn't a single reason I can't. Thank you for the extra push I needed.
    Way to rock a 20 minute run!!

  4. Awesome job!! Just seeing the picture of those pizza boxes has my mouth watering... I know I could not resist if I smelt them too! You have awesome self control!!

  5. You are doing incredibly, keep up the good work and heck yes to running for 20 minutes that is amazing :) So proud of you!!

  6. Great job with the C25K. I am on week 3, and am already scared for next week!

  7. I am visiting from the link up! You rocked it sister!! 20 minutes is HUGE!! Good for you for sticking with it! Pizza is my downfall, I love it, but I stay away from it because it is so high in WW points! Good luck on the cleanse, sounds like you are doing awesome with it!!

  8. I'm so proud of you....and also pissed that I'm seeing those pizza boxes again. Stop it! I want some!

  9. Congrats on the 20 min run! I ran 3 min straight today and that was about all I could muster, so 20 min sounds LONG! :)

    So tell me about this Boy -- boy friend or boyfriend? :) You'll do great out at supper, congrats on sticking w/ the cleanse!

  10. Your killing it! When I get a little down all I have to do is turn to my bloggie friends and they revive me! Can’t wait to do our Color Run in July!

  11. That movie was awesome! I always smell that popcorn and could eat it forever but I know its not very good for you so I always think of that :)

  12. wow! Awesome job! Resisting those treats is major so good for you! Thanks so much for linking up!

  13. Stopping by from the link up! Great job on the 20 minute run! I did C25K back in the fall and thought 20 minutes was like death and tried to talk myself into stopping pretty much the whole time. Way to be getting it done! Keep it up!