Friday, March 1, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Happy Friday People! We made it yet again!

Sorry for the late post but better late than never right? Hence the title post. I slept in went tanning and fried my A$$ off and then went to the store to get cleanse prep food for monday whoo! So excited!

Today I am joining a new link up yay! Sorry I'm not sorry  I'm a link up whore these  days. What can I say I loves them :) I found this link up through my girlie Taylor :)

-Eating a lunchable once this week :/ and mexican :/
-Feeling a little down that I might have set to high of a goal that I want to reach for vaca. 10.9 lbs and I leave on march 16 :(
-I was late to work twice this week
-Threw away so much food that I had prepped but went bad before I could eat it


-I am down another pound since Wednesday's weigh in-YES
-I went tanning everyday this week in prep for Vaca even though I HATE going but know I don't want to fry in the mexican desert.
-Took a selfie and actually didn't hate what I saw and posted it and got tons of love from IG :)
-Even more grateful everyday for the push from all of you following my blog to keep pushing and never give up on my ultimate goal and continued weight loss !

Cheers to the freakin weekend! Cleanse starts monday! I may or may not have 20 2 glasses of wine before then !


  1. So jealous of your upcoming vacay.
    You're ROCKIN' your weight loss journey. Proud of you lady!
    Happy Freakin' Friday!

  2. Happy Friday- Its Saturday here! :) Way to go with another pound and you look great in that selfie--on to the cleanse! I'm checking out the grocery store here in a few hours to see what I can work with! PS I didn't watch all of Girls but I LOVE it! Thanks for the recommendation! Happy Weekend!

  3. That shirt is super cute! And I love your hair!!

  4. Yay for wine!! And that's awesome about the pound :) You can do it lady!!

  5. Jealous of your vacay!!! You're looking fab and doing great on the weight loss!!!


  6. Sometimes a person just needs a lunchable. :p Ha ha.

    If it makes you feel any better, I was late to work three mornings this week!

  7. Arghh!! I hate throwing out food I prep! I am the food saver QUEEN!!

    Keep up the good work!


  8. You look so cute! Way to lose another freaking ellbee!!