Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday and Say My Name

Good morning ladies! Officially half way through the week!


Today I weighed in the exact same weight since Sunday and I am A-OK with that! If you didn't know I had a pretty AMAZING weigh in on Monday's post. You can read that HERE I still can't believe it myself that I lose SEVEN pounds in SEVEN days!

Still eating clean(ish) I may or may not have had a slice of cheese yesterday that was literally heaven in my mouth. Officially 17 days till vaca! I just have to keep telling myself I can do this. I will get there. I am so excited for the Mama L and Skinny meg link up today because they are having one all about clean eating! I'm so excited to get new recipes since I'm kinda burn out on what I've been eating lately.

I am also doing another link up today (go figure)

Brunch with Amber: Say My Name Link Up

This link up is all about explaining our blog name which I just had to join in, mainly because I'm nosy and am very curious as to how we all came up with our blog names.

I started following Mama L back in August when I started my weight loss journey. It wasn't until about November that I decided I wanted to have my own blog. That I to had something to say and to share. That putting myself out there I could learn from others, connect with people from all over, and they could possibly learn from me as well.

I spent two months trying to come up with a name. And nothing really fit. Nothing I really said yes, thats it! It needed to be short but it also had to meaninful to me. And then boom. One day while watching one of my favorite movies it came to me.

Sheer Serendipity. Not only is Serendipity one of my favorite movies but I love what it means, a fortunate accident. And that's what I feel about stumbling upon all of these amazing women's inspring and life changing blogs was for me, a fortunate accident. Had I not accidently come across the blogging world, something I never knew anything about, I know I wouldn't be where I'm at today. Not even close.

So I contacted the AMAZING Hubby Jack to design my blog. I wanted it to be completely designed before I even started blogging.I wanted it to stand out. He did an amazing job and completely got what I wanted and was going for. And the rest is history!

I just started blogging but I've already met some incredible people on this journey and am so amazed by each one of you everyday. I love connecting with new people so reach out to me!

Until tomorrow lovies!. It is STILL snowing here. Blah!


  1. I love your blog name!!!

    And you're doing great on the weight loss!! Keep up the good work!

  2. I love your blog design...very sleek! I've had my blog for quiet awhile, but was very sporadic...then started the WIW, and found Holly and Hubby Jack....he's going to redesign mine too -- I'm recommitting to blogging and am finding it so fun! The WIW is really helping me stay accountable's all good!

  3. Your 7 LBs really inspired me to clean my eating up! We will see how it goes. BTW, did you get color run registration info?

  4. please send snow to Southern California! It is in the 80's here...boooo

  5. That's a great story, I love how you came up w/ your name! And I'm so impressed by how many followers you have already (and jealous!)!!!

  6. I love it :) I think we are getting snow tonight :( And cheers to bloggy besties!!

  7. Very cute! I love the movie Serendipity and the definition too, so great name. Thanks for linking up :)

  8. After a 7-pound drop, it's gotta feel very comforting to see the same number on the scale! I always bounce backup a little after a big loss! Congrats to you, lady!

  9. Seven pounds is huge! You're doing awesome, just stick to your guns.
    I keep getting pictures from friends and family back home of all that snow. It's supposed to be 80 here on Saturday...

  10. 7 pounds in 7 days? say what! That's awesome!

  11. You are doing so good on the weight loss... congrats girl!