Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #2


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As you may have known Friday was the first time I weighed myself since June 2012. I was so nervous last Friday thinking about what the scale would say. Sure I KNOW I have lost 4 dress sizes. I KNOW I've lost a ton of inches but I've always been terrified of the scale. I weighed myself first thing in the morning and the results are...

Pretty much around exactly what I thought. I've lost 30ish lbs. Is it bad that I wanted more? That maybe this time it would say oh you've actually lost 50lbs? I know that's probably not the realistic thing but I am happy I have finally lost weight. I have been putting in effort to become a healthier stronger version of myself. The best me that I can be.

That being said since friday, (and eating my face off on Sunday) as of today I am down .8 since last friday. I'll take it. But I think I 'll always want more. Also, true confession time. Have I been working out everyday? No. Have I been doing both RI30 and C25k? No. I've been doing what I feel is the bare minimum and the fact of the matter is that's just not good enough anymore. 30lbs ago it was but now I need to push harder.

My diet has been good.I usually have 1-2 cheat meals on the weekend but I don't go overboard. If were having pizza I'll have 2 slices not 5 like I really want. But this week I am challenging myself to do c25k and RI30 every single day until next weigh in. I know my dieiting has been good and mostly clean so now I just need to step up the workouts.

I just have to remind myself every single day..I used to look like this..

This was last spring break (obviously I'm the huge one in the black pants)

And now I look like this..

Jan 10 2013

But I want to look like this again..

Spring Break 2008

 I want and NEED to see a good loss next week. One that I am proud of. I have come so far in the last 6 months and there is nothing more that I want then to have that body I know is in there somewhere come May 31st for OPERATION RED BIKINI! NO more excuses. That's what I tell myself everyday, just get off your ASS and do IT!


  1. Love the top jan 10 one! tell me about it!!!

  2. You can totally do it girl and you look amazing! The scale can be so deceiving so even though it's not as much of a loss as you'd hoped, you have lost FOUR dress sizes... that's incredible!! Keep it up and you will get back to that spring break '08 picture for this summer!

  3. You look so good - I KNOW you will get there for real.

  4. I can totally relate to this post because like you said, I am doing the bare minimum. yes, I am working out. yes, I am watching what I eat. but YES, I CAN DO MORE!!!

    Thanks for the post, it motivated me! you are doing awesome..keep it up!!!

  5. You look great! Keep up the amazing (and hard) work!
    I love the inspiration to do more. You just lit a fire under my butt. I just finished a 20 minute workout, but I know I need to do more. There's a nice long run in my VERY near future.

  6. Every loss is something to be proud of! You are doing an amazing job!

  7. Lady, .8 lbs is a decent loss for one week! It's more than my average, I'll tell you what! :) You're doing an amazing job and you've come so far in 6 months! Can't wait to hear about your new workout plans!

  8. Wow!!! 30lbs, that awesome!!! Way to go! And BTW - I'm in love w/ that bikini from '08, super cute!! Keep going, you've got this!


  10. 30lbs is awesome!!!! Keep up the good'll get there!

  11. You like awesome!! Keep up the goo work!!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog at


  12. I am with you! I need some motivation!