Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Recap and This weeks set-up

Hey All!

The weekend is now officially over with boo :( But hopefully the next one comes fast :)

As I mentioned before I got my hair did on fri and its looks gorgeous dahling! Pics up tomorrow since my phone is being mean to me :(

After I got my hair done I went home to start gettting ready for my hot date however the bf came down with the flu bug. BUMMER :( But I tried my best not to let it bother me and spent Friday night taking care of sicky.

Saturday I got up and went house hunting. I went through about 6-7. Some of them were just straight up NO! and others were ify, still haven't found one I am in love with. I found this adorable townhouse that was HUGE. Like, literally perfect. However, I just can't get past paying a monthly HOA for nothing. Thoughts?

Saturday night I spent relaxing at my parents and eating pizza. Uh oh :( Then to continue to Sunday, I worked until 4 and then went to a Super bowl party at a friends house and even ate more food :( I read that during the Super Bowl people eat the most calories out of any other day besides Thanksgiving. Say what!? That's crazy talk, and also probably very true. p.s. Beyonce KILLED it. Seriously that chick will never go out of style.

So what's the week set up look like after I just ate my life away this weekened? Well, trying not to get depressed for One. I leave for Mexico on March 16 and would LOVE if I could lose at least 10 more pounds before then but I have to put in SERIOUS work.

I am going to do C25k and RI30 every day this week. I just have to force myself! Also, I would love to wake up early and just get it over with before work so I can do other things after work, but everytime my alarm goes off sleeping longer just sounds so much better! I need to do this but I just cant seem to get off my ass! HELP!

Ok, ok no more whining, no more excuses! p.s. I also have to get WAY better at this taking pictures during the day so my posts aren't all words. How boring!?

Here's to a productive and healthy week girls! Who's with me?


  1. I am with you - I need it bad... Terrible this weekend.

  2. I am with ya!! Oh, I have a little yorkie too- is that what your dog is?? Love them!

  3. What do we want? PICTURES! When do we want them!? NOW! :-)