Friday, February 15, 2013

VDay Recap and Waz in muh fridge!

We made it to Friday once again ladies!  Found an e-card that is just fab for today!
Sorry for the late post today but I just got home!

First up the Vday Recap. First off I found rawhide chew treats that are cards for dogs and just HAD to get one for Lola. I mean how cute is this?!? Sadly, she has no interest which I can't understand why its cute, its a card and she can EAT it.

Moving on I know you all are just DYING to see what outfit I chose right!? Haha I ended up going with the black one! I had to put it with leggings and boots as it started snowing last night and I wasn't about to freeze to death

We ended up going to dinner which was amazeballs followed by a hotel with a fireplace AND a jacuzzi. He even remembered to bring candles! Extra points! I had a great evening and if you follow me on instagram (sheerserendipity28) then these pics will be familiar. Below is all my fat girl goodness and I enjoyed EVERY second of it !

My girl Taylor and I were ready for this last night! Cheers girl! :) Seriously best wine ever. LOVE!

This is steak,potatoes, veggies and shrimp

And because I skipped on the pasta you know I deserved this right? SO GOOD!

And this was taken after dinner, I may or may not have had two, ok 3 glasses of wine. Sorry I'm not sorry!
And just for Kate's viewing pleasure some pics of the hotel room. This girl is stopping all social media except blogging for lent, I'm amazed!

And if that wasn't enough picture overload here's some more! Of my Fridge! Today I am linking up with Holly for what's in yo' fridge?

First off, I have two fridges so first up is fridge in the kitchen
I got my lunch box in there for work (side note it's the same one i've had since like 3rd grade, has my name on the inside and everything, don't judge me haha) Some staples include greek yogurt, eggs, fat free cottage cheese, olive oil mayo, coffee creamer, fruit and every single condiment you could ever imagine. Hey, this girl loves her some condiments.

Next up is outside fridge. These include over load that couldn't fit into the fridge inside and drinks. Some must need staples are beer( not mine) milk (not mine, gross) Diet Coke, Dr. pepper, Vitamin water zero,  fruit and some diet cupcakes I made thanks sarah! Oh and see that turqoise container? Thats where I store my fajitas that I've been basically living off of for the last two weeks.

Sorry for the pic overload but I just had to share with you guys! You know what tomorrow is?? February 16. The official one month till vacation for this girl and you know what that means, Operation Red Bikini is on! NO more cheats! More workouts! Eating Clean! And trying toget as far down on the scale as I can before then!

Until then I'm treating myself tonight with Bride Day marathon and possibly some chinese. One last meal. Then it's good girl Kadi for the next month!

Have a great weekend guys! I can't wait to start buckling down on diet AND exercise with you all! Thank you so much for all of the love and support so far! I can't even tell you how much it means to me!


  1. Aw! You remembered to post pics for me! Thank you! That hotel was an amazing idea--a jacuzzi AND a fireplace? And wine? You know how to do Valentine's Day up right!

    Also, I hear you on the buckling down thing! I feel like this week was a big fat fail, but tomorrow morning it is ON! Lord help us! :)

  2. fajitas?! I could totally live off of those!

  3. Just like E.. he never smiles. Love your outfit and best of luck on your lentin journey:) Mine's booze - two tough ones.

  4. I love that you have your own lunchbox with your name on it - now I want one :) Thanks for the shout out lady and I didnt know you went to a hotel - and major brownie points for bringing candles! Have a great weekend girl!!

  5. 1) You rocked that outfit!
    2) Mad props for posting fridge pics. Mine is a serious hot mess. No way am I sharing that with the world.
    3) Gave up social media (all of it) last year for Lent. Your friend is taking on a challenge. SO HARD! Don't do it if you don't have to.
    4) Happy Friday!

  6. Where did you find that card for your dog? So awesome!

  7. Seriously what a romantic night!! Sounds so much better than mine!! That dog care is AWESOME where is it from?!

  8. Hey girl, I am a new follower and fellow Operation Red Bikini girl! Love the v-day pics and What's in Yo Fridge pics - I hate milk too! That dog card is too cute - wish I would have found that for my dog!

    Have a great day!

  9. The fridge in your kitchen, is the nicest fridge on the linkup. Hands down. So shiny and fancy! ;)