Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day! Hey, It's ok!

It's Thursday It's Thursday! It's the last day of the week for this girl and I am ready for it!

Update: Day 5 of eating clean. Still feeling GOOD. I have energy, I'm in a great mood, and even though I am looking forward to bread and cheese on Sunday I am not craving it as bad as before. It is still so hard to part with my pop I miss it at every meal but I'm doing well. I might sneak a few sips here and there but what can I say I'm an addict and it could be worse ha!

Its Ok Thursdays

Ready for the oks?

It's ok that...

...Were supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow today starting at about 3pm and I plan on leaving work early. May have lived here my whole life but sorry not gonna risk my life with idiots during rush thank you

...That I had avacado and hummus for dinner last night and added just a little salt. Hey a girl can have a little right?

...That I'm obssessed with avacado but feel bad because its high in fat and calories but its still a vegtable?

...That I still HATE water and I hate chugging down a gallon of it everyday but it is getting easier

...That I plan on staying home ALL weekend due to the storm and were supposed to get another one monday..JOY

...That I should probably apologize in advance for my severe road rage that is going to happen with people driving 5mph on the way home tonight itch with anticipation that the I have to wait until Sunday for the new Girls episode! Seriously go check it out be so proud of myself for almost completing a whole week of clean eating and to be down 3lbs and counting

...that I put on my jeans this morning and could not get my belt to stay on..pissed that I was now bloated but then realized it's because I went down another belt notch :)

...that I cannot WAIT until tomorrow to hear Mel's results from advocare and to weigh myself in on Sunday

Instead of repeating myself from the previous sentences I am so proud that almost all of my Ok's this week are also NSV hell to the ya!!
Is it snowing where you are? Anyone else last day of the week is today? How do you feel about avocado?

Until tomorrow lovies :) Getting closer to 100 know what that means...time for my first giveaway when I reach it :)


  1. Ugh have fun with that snow storm, I talked to my Dad about the predictions yesterday...ouch! I'm so glad you recommended Girls, the first season is on sale at Target this week so I am going to buy it for the long plane ride!

  2. I can not stomach Hummus. Dont know what it is. Why cant I be fancy!!!

  3. LOL! I always leave early in anticipation of a snow storm and always get stuck in terrible traffic! Good luck on that one, girl!

    And congrats again on having such a good weigh-loss week! I had to smile at your story about your belt!

  4. I hate the snow. But I miss the snow days, and all the perfection that comes from being stuck inside (snuggling up, reading a book, sipping on hot chocolate... Or hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps... :)
    Avocados are good for you! Don't feel guilty eating them!!

  5. I freaking love avocado...and I wish we had snow. only boring rain here.

  6. Hey girl I am stopping in from the link up! I hear you on the no pop thing, there are days I would absolutely kill for a Coke!! Eating clean is awesome, I have never done it so I applaud anyone that can, I hear it is great! We have snow, it looks like snow but it is only ice! Luckily I did not have to go anywhere today, so I understand you not wanting to drive with a bunch of yay-hoos!!

  7. Yes! The snow is supposed to hit Wisconsin tonight. And I may or may not take a vacation day to avoid the awful drivers. Haha..I'm doing the advocare challenge too!! And I want to do the weigh in Wednesday that I saw you post! Love that idea for holding yourself accountable.

  8. That is so great about your belt - I was just realizing in the bathroom (TMI?) that my jeans are super loose - this coming from the girl that refused to buy a 16 so lived in one pair of jeans for 6 Im almost back to a 10 woot woot :)

  9. Fun link ups!

    And I agree, people drive like idiots in the snow and it brings the best/worst out of my road rage. :)

  10. A 40 minute commute home from Des Moines with snow...I think not. I'll be busting out of here sooooon!!!! LOVE snow days!

  11. popping over from the NSV link up! I'm absolutely obsessed with avocado too, always trying to limit how much I use it in recipes because of the reasons you said, but it's still my new favorite! :)

  12. I am one of those people driving 5 MPH when it snows!! I feel like people get mad, and then see my California plates and are like "Ooooh!"

  13. I so don't leave the house when it snows. If i do, I'm one that you are cussing out! Bahaha
    Love that you're eating clean and staying strong. I have never and probably never will do that. Lol can't say I've ever had avacado either. {picky eater}

  14. Thanks for linking up! You've had some great NSVs so congrats! It has been snowing here today too and I'm so over it. I want summer!