Monday, February 25, 2013

Holy Shit!

Good morning ladies! Happy Monday! I always hate the beginning of the week! The cussing in the title of this post is totally necessary as you will learn in just a little bit!

First off, HELLO to all my new followers! It means so much to me that so many of you take time out of your day reading my blog and a lot of you leave comments. I would LOVE to answer you back but many of you don't have the settings in your profile to link back to your email so I can't respond to your comments! Holly did an awesome post about how to fix this a few months ago. You can read about that HERE If you still can't figure it out email me and I will help ya out!

And as all some of you may know once I reach 100 followers I will be doing my first giveaway! So excited!

Well I had a pretty boring weekend. Since I was eating clean  I wanted to stay home mostly to resist any temptation, I wanted to prove to myself that I could make it a full week.

The snow was pretty much non existant on streets anyway so for my last good clean meal I made myself a special treat

It was AMAZING! So good. This girl loves her some seafood and asparagus mmm!

So, lets get to the good stuff shall we? As many of you know I did my best eating clean for an entire week. To me that means cutting out processed food, red meat, dairy, and bread at a minimum. Sure it wasn't entirely clean but whatevs this was my first attempt.

The week had been tough. Days 1-3 were horrible but by day 4 my body had gotten used to it and I was just trucking along. Thats not to say it was easy but rather easier. So as Sunday morning was upon me and it was time for me to get on that scale I was ready. I stepped on that baby my hands a little sweaty with anticipation, kind of squinted my eyes a little as the scale thinks you know. All I kept saying was please say 3 please say 3. You see in my mind that was the number I had to show that my hard work had payed off was a 3lb loss. As the number stopped and blinked that it was finalized tears came to my eyes....because you know what the scale said!?!? -7.2lb LOSS!!! In 7 days!!! I was freaking out! I was so happy!!! It just proved to me that that really is all it takes. Don't put shit in your body, exercise and you'll see good results! I couldn't believe it and am honestly still in shock.

I realize these results are not typical and I may never see a loss like that in a week again but hey it happened! and I am PROUD of myself for what I accomplished. I did however have a cheat meal that was incredibly delicious!

Yes I realize I am an adult and ordered a happy meal but hey its portion control right!? Plus I got this awesome ballerina barbie with it! Yes I am a 5 year old girl who loves this shit!

Anyways with my amazing weight loss this week it just gives me every motivation to keep going. That hard work does pay off which is why I'm right back on the bandwagon today! Keep pushing!

So where am I at now? I leave for Vaca March 16 which is just under 3 weeks away right now. I am officially 11.9 lbs away from my vacation goal I set for myself. This will be HARD but I HAVE to put my mind to it and just do it. I know I willl be so happy on vaca if I can reach this goal.

Goals for this week? Cleanish eating continues. Working out continues. I cannot slack one day until Vacation its game time baby! I am also starting advocare cleanse with literally EVERYONE on March 4 and I am super excited. I have never done this before and have been amazed at other people's results. This will give me just the jump start I need before I leave for vacation so I don't completely throw it down the shitter.

I am also joining the Jillian Michaels challenge with Kimmy and Lora until I leave for vaca as well. These next few weeks are going to SUCK but I know it will be worth it!

Last, thought? Anyone watch the oscars last night. I only care about the fashion and if Jennifer Lawerence won which she did. LOVED Her dress and Noemi Watts!

What are your goals for the next few weeks? Who is also doing the cleanse? Did you watch the oscars? Do you think this is an attainable goal for me??

Heres to a good week!


  1. that is AMAZING! I did juicing for 12 days and i lost almost 15 pounds. it was great but I felt like JUNK.

  2. Holy Shit is right! You go girl! Will you please do a post on what you DID eat soon, so you can help us out!?! :) Naomi looked killer too! Thanks for even more inspiration, keep it up!

  3. Woohoo! Awesome job lady. Way to start something and stick through till the end. Huge accomplishment.

    The Barbie toy has to be the icing on the week of clean eating. Ha!

  4. Happy meals and barbies are the bomb, just saying!! congraulations, eating primal/paleo makes a huge difference! You can easily lose around 10lbs in a week and like 30 in a month. You go girl!

  5. Holy cow!! That's awesome! I've been following you thinking I could never do that. But, hearing how much you lost makes me want to try!!

    Oh, and I order Happy Meals too ;-) The Barbie ones are my fav still!!

  6. YOU FREAKING ROCK!!!!!!! Way to go girlie!! And hello, you look like a Barbie, so that cheat meal was oh so appropriate!! So glad I found your blog! :-)

  7. Awesome loss girl! Makes me wanna eat clean starting right NOW!! Keep up the good work!

  8. I loved reading about your clean eating and results. Here's what I want to know... if you eat clean and do a cleanse leading up to your vacation, how do you feel once you let go on your vacation? I tried eating healthy for a trip to Mexico all-inclusive one year. And when i got there and started eating whatever I wanted and drinking again, I bloated like crazy and felt so gross. I was really disappointed because I had felt so good about myself and I wanted to treat myself, and then I felt self conscious because i was noticeably bloated. Maybe this just means I need to stop eating crap for good, lol. Keep us posted, I hope you meet your goals!!!

  9. Uh, I'm going to need some clean meal examples and recipes up in herr. ;)

    Congrats on one AMAZING week, girl!

  10. awesome job!!!! and I'm with Kate...I want to know what you are eating!

  11. Woo hoo...congrats on the weight loss!

  12. Good job! That is so awesome girl :) And hell yes to the happy meals - I am off fast food but when I eat it again its happy meal city for me :) Of course I watched the oscars only for fashion and Jennifer Lawrence killed it - go and check out what she wore to the after party too - I almost like that dress better!

  13. Awesome job!!!! That's amazing!!! I'll be sending good thoughts your way over the next couple of weeks to hit that goal before your fun vacation!

    Another snow storm, ick. We luckily aren't supposed to get more than 3 but they still let school out early. let's hope for no more than a delay tomorrow! As of right now the boys will have one day tacked on to the end of the school year. They made up one day a week ago, the second they make up the day after Easter and the third is on the end of the year. Boo!

    Drive carefully out there w/ all those nuts! :)