Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love. Love. Love.

Happy Thursday!!! So excited It is the end of the week for this girl today!

Today I am linking up with one of my blog besties Erin. Sweetest girl you will ever meet and completely LOVE her!

Speaking of Love that is what this post and link up are all about!


I went back and forth on who to do this post about but I finally decided on my fur baby Lola!

To start at the beginning when I was nine me and my family got a dog named Mollie. She was my whole world. When I left for college when I was 18 it was so hard leaving her and I couldn't imagine what life would be like living away from her.

Fast forward to Junior year of high school. My boyfriend at the time and I had been together for two years and were living together. He wanted to get a dog. I did NOT. We lived in an apartment were both going to school, I was working and I didn't feel like we could devote enough attention to a dog.

He somehow talked me into just "looking." We had to get a small dog because we lived an apartment. He did the researching and we went to go look at two dogs about 25 min away. And that was the day this little princess came into my life just in time for Christmas 2009

She was so little and I instantly fell in love with her. Fast forward again three years, graduating college,getting a big girl job, a breakup later  and I could NOT imagine my life without her.

She is so ornery sometimes and does what she wants but she has always been there for me. We recently had to put mollie down at the age of 15 and Lola has really helped me cope with that. I enjoy every minute with her that much more. I just love this little stinker!

Don't miss my post next week with Kate about more about this little love bug!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday and Say My Name

Good morning ladies! Officially half way through the week!


Today I weighed in the exact same weight since Sunday and I am A-OK with that! If you didn't know I had a pretty AMAZING weigh in on Monday's post. You can read that HERE I still can't believe it myself that I lose SEVEN pounds in SEVEN days!

Still eating clean(ish) I may or may not have had a slice of cheese yesterday that was literally heaven in my mouth. Officially 17 days till vaca! I just have to keep telling myself I can do this. I will get there. I am so excited for the Mama L and Skinny meg link up today because they are having one all about clean eating! I'm so excited to get new recipes since I'm kinda burn out on what I've been eating lately.

I am also doing another link up today (go figure)

Brunch with Amber: Say My Name Link Up

This link up is all about explaining our blog name which I just had to join in, mainly because I'm nosy and am very curious as to how we all came up with our blog names.

I started following Mama L back in August when I started my weight loss journey. It wasn't until about November that I decided I wanted to have my own blog. That I to had something to say and to share. That putting myself out there I could learn from others, connect with people from all over, and they could possibly learn from me as well.

I spent two months trying to come up with a name. And nothing really fit. Nothing I really said yes, thats it! It needed to be short but it also had to meaninful to me. And then boom. One day while watching one of my favorite movies it came to me.

Sheer Serendipity. Not only is Serendipity one of my favorite movies but I love what it means, a fortunate accident. And that's what I feel about stumbling upon all of these amazing women's inspring and life changing blogs was for me, a fortunate accident. Had I not accidently come across the blogging world, something I never knew anything about, I know I wouldn't be where I'm at today. Not even close.

So I contacted the AMAZING Hubby Jack to design my blog. I wanted it to be completely designed before I even started blogging.I wanted it to stand out. He did an amazing job and completely got what I wanted and was going for. And the rest is history!

I just started blogging but I've already met some incredible people on this journey and am so amazed by each one of you everyday. I love connecting with new people so reach out to me!

Until tomorrow lovies!. It is STILL snowing here. Blah!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

F's! Food Diary First things first #2!

First off, thank you so much for all of the love and support I received on yesterday's post. I love sharing my journey with others and it feels so good to get feedback. So THANK YOU!

Also, sorry for my late post today. I was over 45 minutes late to work cuz of this shit

I got a lot of requests yesteday about what I ate when I mean cleanish eating. I did not keep a good food diary of what I ate all last week, I know lame. But I decided to start doing it so for a little start here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Cream of wheat Maple and brown sugar (I don't like the chunks in oatmeal so this is better consistency. I realize this has additives but you know what its only 130 calories its easy and I can take it to work)
Am Snack: Banana
Lunch: Chicken breast with steamed mushrooms (I don't measure out the ounces I just get like 3/4 of a breast)
PM Snack: Apple with 2 Tbs Chocolate PB2. (What's pb2? Its powdered peanut butter that you mix with water with half the calories and fat as normal peanut butter. Google that shit. You'll thank me)
Dinner: If you follow me on IG (@sheerserendipity28) this will be familiar. Cajun shrimp and asparagus. I cooked the shrimp with 1tsp evoo, minced garlic and cajun seasoning. I drizzled a TAD evoo on the asparagus and SMIDGE of Lawrys seasoning salt and popped those babies in the oven for 15 on 375. Delicious!

I will conitnue to keep an accuarate food diary so I can share with you all! Maybe I'll collect a bunch of pics and recipes and do a whole post on it.

Today I am liking back up with Halie for one of my favorite link ups! First things first!

This weeks topics are
First beverage of choice
First breakfast of choice
First dessert of choice

First Beverage of Choice: I don't know if this is just all around and/or alcoholic haha so I have decided to both! My first beverage of choice is hands down Diet Coke or Coke Zero. LOVE that stuff. If you've been following my blog you know I'm trying to get off this stuff so I am being good :)

My first alcoholic beverage of choie: I have a few go tos I always drink including diry shirleys (yes continuing the 5 year old  trend but with alcohol!), captain and sprite (seriously so much better than coke) and cranberry vodkas mmm!

First Breakfast of Choice: This is hard. Now a days its maple and brown sugar cream of wheat. I don't really like breakfast foods that much. The fat girl in me would jsut love an entire plate of bacon and hashbrowns with tons of ketchup haha

First dessert of choice: Hands down creme brulee (sp?) SO SO SO good. I love it at bonefish and 801 chophouse! Delicious! I'm trying to keep my desserts to fruit now boo :(

This is from a few months ago

Until tomorrow :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Holy Shit!

Good morning ladies! Happy Monday! I always hate the beginning of the week! The cussing in the title of this post is totally necessary as you will learn in just a little bit!

First off, HELLO to all my new followers! It means so much to me that so many of you take time out of your day reading my blog and a lot of you leave comments. I would LOVE to answer you back but many of you don't have the settings in your profile to link back to your email so I can't respond to your comments! Holly did an awesome post about how to fix this a few months ago. You can read about that HERE If you still can't figure it out email me and I will help ya out!

And as all some of you may know once I reach 100 followers I will be doing my first giveaway! So excited!

Well I had a pretty boring weekend. Since I was eating clean  I wanted to stay home mostly to resist any temptation, I wanted to prove to myself that I could make it a full week.

The snow was pretty much non existant on streets anyway so for my last good clean meal I made myself a special treat

It was AMAZING! So good. This girl loves her some seafood and asparagus mmm!

So, lets get to the good stuff shall we? As many of you know I did my best eating clean for an entire week. To me that means cutting out processed food, red meat, dairy, and bread at a minimum. Sure it wasn't entirely clean but whatevs this was my first attempt.

The week had been tough. Days 1-3 were horrible but by day 4 my body had gotten used to it and I was just trucking along. Thats not to say it was easy but rather easier. So as Sunday morning was upon me and it was time for me to get on that scale I was ready. I stepped on that baby my hands a little sweaty with anticipation, kind of squinted my eyes a little as the scale thinks you know. All I kept saying was please say 3 please say 3. You see in my mind that was the number I had to show that my hard work had payed off was a 3lb loss. As the number stopped and blinked that it was finalized tears came to my eyes....because you know what the scale said!?!? -7.2lb LOSS!!! In 7 days!!! I was freaking out! I was so happy!!! It just proved to me that that really is all it takes. Don't put shit in your body, exercise and you'll see good results! I couldn't believe it and am honestly still in shock.

I realize these results are not typical and I may never see a loss like that in a week again but hey it happened! and I am PROUD of myself for what I accomplished. I did however have a cheat meal that was incredibly delicious!

Yes I realize I am an adult and ordered a happy meal but hey its portion control right!? Plus I got this awesome ballerina barbie with it! Yes I am a 5 year old girl who loves this shit!

Anyways with my amazing weight loss this week it just gives me every motivation to keep going. That hard work does pay off which is why I'm right back on the bandwagon today! Keep pushing!

So where am I at now? I leave for Vaca March 16 which is just under 3 weeks away right now. I am officially 11.9 lbs away from my vacation goal I set for myself. This will be HARD but I HAVE to put my mind to it and just do it. I know I willl be so happy on vaca if I can reach this goal.

Goals for this week? Cleanish eating continues. Working out continues. I cannot slack one day until Vacation its game time baby! I am also starting advocare cleanse with literally EVERYONE on March 4 and I am super excited. I have never done this before and have been amazed at other people's results. This will give me just the jump start I need before I leave for vacation so I don't completely throw it down the shitter.

I am also joining the Jillian Michaels challenge with Kimmy and Lora until I leave for vaca as well. These next few weeks are going to SUCK but I know it will be worth it!

Last, thought? Anyone watch the oscars last night. I only care about the fashion and if Jennifer Lawerence won which she did. LOVED Her dress and Noemi Watts!

What are your goals for the next few weeks? Who is also doing the cleanse? Did you watch the oscars? Do you think this is an attainable goal for me??

Heres to a good week!

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm back for Pit and Peak

We made it! It's finally Friday!

Day 6 of eating clean...I'm almost there! I still feel good but I'm itching to eat something with sugar, bread and cheese. But I am so proud of how well I've done this week! I feel good, my energy is up, I'm more positive and I don't feel sluggish. I know I can make it to Sunday and I cannot wait to get on that scale. That being said I know this weekend will be the hardest part of eating right but I know the rewards will so much better feeling then cheating. Remember, "Don't give up what you want most for what you want right now."

Update on snow storm: so of course the weathermen got it wrong we only ended up getting about 4 inches I'd say. But it's still cold and its still snow. I plan on staying in all day and catching up on blogs and updating my facebook page :) I should venture out and go tanning since I don't want to worry about turning the color of tomato on vacation but eh well see.

I'm not going out at all this weekend as I know I am not strong enough to be tempted. I NEED to finsih this week. For me. for vacation. for results. for persistence. for confidence. For proof that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Also, today I am back for the Pit and Peak of the week with Brin and Allie!

Pit: This would definitely be Monday and Tuesday of this week. All I wanted was some bread and cheese and pop. I literally sat and cried in my room thinking I was too weak to do it and tried to talk myself out of it.

Peak: Definitely be making it to day 6 (so far) of eating clean! Sure I've had some pop, sure I've ate a little processed food but I am so proud of myself. It is not often in my life that I start and finish what I started in the time I wanted to. I feel amazing!

Cheers to the freakin weekend ladies! What are your weekend plans? Can't wait to share my results with you on Monday :) Fingers Crossed!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day! Hey, It's ok!

It's Thursday It's Thursday! It's the last day of the week for this girl and I am ready for it!

Update: Day 5 of eating clean. Still feeling GOOD. I have energy, I'm in a great mood, and even though I am looking forward to bread and cheese on Sunday I am not craving it as bad as before. It is still so hard to part with my pop I miss it at every meal but I'm doing well. I might sneak a few sips here and there but what can I say I'm an addict and it could be worse ha!

Its Ok Thursdays

Ready for the oks?

It's ok that...

...Were supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow today starting at about 3pm and I plan on leaving work early. May have lived here my whole life but sorry not gonna risk my life with idiots during rush thank you

...That I had avacado and hummus for dinner last night and added just a little salt. Hey a girl can have a little right?

...That I'm obssessed with avacado but feel bad because its high in fat and calories but its still a vegtable?

...That I still HATE water and I hate chugging down a gallon of it everyday but it is getting easier

...That I plan on staying home ALL weekend due to the storm and were supposed to get another one monday..JOY

...That I should probably apologize in advance for my severe road rage that is going to happen with people driving 5mph on the way home tonight itch with anticipation that the I have to wait until Sunday for the new Girls episode! Seriously go check it out be so proud of myself for almost completing a whole week of clean eating and to be down 3lbs and counting

...that I put on my jeans this morning and could not get my belt to stay on..pissed that I was now bloated but then realized it's because I went down another belt notch :)

...that I cannot WAIT until tomorrow to hear Mel's results from advocare and to weigh myself in on Sunday

Instead of repeating myself from the previous sentences I am so proud that almost all of my Ok's this week are also NSV hell to the ya!!
Is it snowing where you are? Anyone else last day of the week is today? How do you feel about avocado?

Until tomorrow lovies :) Getting closer to 100 know what that means...time for my first giveaway when I reach it :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #4 It's a good one!

It's Wednesday! and time to Weigh in!

To bring you all up to speed, recap is a must. Last week I had a pretty good loss. Then last weekend I decided I deserved sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, egg rolls and crab rangoons. It was freaking delicious obviously. I wasn't just done there I then had popcorn at the movie theatre and went out to eat and had fetticine alfredo. I was feeling like shit balls after all of that I just jumped right off the wagon and ran with it.

However, I decided to challenge myself to one week of cleanish eating starting last Sunday. What does that mean to me? To me it means, no bread, no cheese, no dairy, no pop and no red meat. So I weighed myself on Sunday and had gained all the week I had lost last wednesday. I didn't want to weigh in today but I did anyways cuz I couldn't stand it any longer and you know what!?! This girl is down 3lbs!

I'm not going to lie to you the last four days have been HELL(you can read about that in yesterdays post). All I've wanted to do is sleep basically. But today is day 4 and I feel AMAZING. Sure the scale helped but I'm in a better mood now, the headaches are gone, and I FINALLY have some energy back!

I plan on eating this strictly through Saturday and then weigh myself again this Sunday to see how much I lost total for the week. It is not fun. It is NOT easy. But if you stick with it and just get over the hump it is so worth it and I'm so excited to keep pushing and see where I am on Sunday. Then it will be on to the new goal.

Speaking of a new goal, have you ladies seen Mama L and Skinny Meg starting the advocare cleanse on March 4. I'm thinking about doing it. Cleansing before I go on vaca. If I do that 10 days I will be done right before I leave for mexico (March 16) What do you think? Should I do it? Are you ladies joining in?

I have exactly 24 days until vacation! I want to see a new "decade" on the scale thats what I'm fighting for. I have promised myself if I am able to break the decade by then I will finally be ready to share my NUMBER with you ALL! and maybe just maybe I'll be ready to share my true before pictures next to my "during." I'll be proud of myself if I can accomplish that number. Then I can really hold myself extra accountable from there to my goal weight because I know those pounds are going to be the hardest to lose.

I also did end up ordering this little number to wear on st pattys day. more motivation! vaca will be here before I know it...I just hope I'm ready...:/ I know I won't be at my goal weight by then but I hope I can just relax and be ok with how far I've come

Goddess enhancer, low rise bottom

Last note, I have decided when I am able to reach 100 followers I will be having my very first giveaway to celebrate! I am almost there! Please help me out so I can celebrate with you all!

Have a great Wednesday Ladies!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Things First and Top Ten Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Girlies! Worst day of the week but hopefully it will be Friday before we know it!

So..Day 3 of eating clean and giving up pop...I am DYING. I am not going to lie to you all I want is a cheesy piece of garlic bread and a diet coke. I caved and had a can of diet coke yesterday :( I still got all of my water in (close to a gallon) But the headached I was experiencing was unbearable! I know I will see results but trying to get off pop is the hardest part.

As far as the eating portion I'm getting sick of eating the same things. I want SALT! That is my other addiction is salt. I put salt on my food before I even try it because I somehow know it will need it. I'm getting used to all of these changes but two full days down and it could be worse I suppose. My goal is to make it through Saturday and then set my next goal after that.

Today I am liking with Halie for First things first

This weeks tops are as follows:

First thing I do at the gym- I currently don't belong to a gym. I have a goal in mind when I reach a certain weight that I will join one but for now I workout in my basement. So the very first thing I do is to start my Ipod and start my Nike running App and C25k App for the treadmill. Sometimes I do RI30 first, but mostly I just get the running part out of the way first .

First Date with Current Significant Other- Our first real date out was going to Outback Steakhouse (YUM!) and seeing the movie The Grey ( seriously depressing movie, It's like the writers decided hey lets think of every possible suffering way to die outside and put them all into one movie, seriously love Liam Neeson though)

First email address- Oh dear, my first email was I don't even remember the password for it anymore haha. Back in the day when we'd race home from school to get on AIM and talk to boys...those were the days lol

I am super excited about the next link up with Trista for the top Ten Beauty Must Haves!
Stewart Street

I wouldn't say my beauty routine is way extravagenet but there are a few things I cannot live without!

1.Cerave Daily Facial Cleanser- This shit is the bomb. Its not heavy and I use it to wash my make up off with as well. It's light, not greasy and I love it. You can get it over the counter at pretty much anywhere

2.) Cerave Moisturizing Lotion- I put this on right after I get out of the shower. My face can get kind of dry so this helps it stay moisturized obviously. It's not thick or greasy and my skin still feels like it can breathe. LOVE

3.) Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo and Conditioner- I just started using this stuff and it is amazeballs! I have thick hair. I mean really really thick hair, like enough for like 3 people. And because of that my hair falls out all over everything like a dog or cat. I started using this stuff and it works wonder! I no longer have stragglers on my coat etc.

4.) Suave Dry Shampoo. I LOVE dry shampoo! When you get done working out if you want to do two day hair you NEED this stuff. Just spray it far enough away but all over your roots on dry hair. It's pretty much a miracle. This shit is like $2 you can't beat that.

5.) Mac Blacktracker Eyeliner- Simply put, the best, been using it for years and I would never change

6.) Loreal Double Extension Mascara- This stuff will make your eyelashes a million times longer! It feels kind of heavy if you put too much on and it literally comes off in tubes when you take it off but it never leaves any black marks under your eyes and I love it.

7.) Chapstick Lip Moisturizer- Simply the best

8.) EOS body lotion This stuff is amazing! Not greasy and I put it on everyday!

9.) Bobby Brown make up pallette- This stuff I cannot live without. It lasts forever and there are such pretty shades

10.) Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss- I always put chapstick on first and this over the chapstick. I love this stuff, It's realtively inexpensive, last forever and looks great :)

And if that wasn't the longest post ever! Hopefully Today is a good day! Go joing the link ups!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap and Clean Eating!

Happy Monday Lovies!

Monday has come too soon, once again...lame

Today I am linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!

Friday night was spent, as promised, on Bride Day on TLC and sweet and sour chicken chinese. I enjoyed every last piece of it, ugh why does food have to be SOOO good?!

Moving on...Saturday I spent cleaning my closet out and found stuff I forgot I had. I need to throw some stuff away but I just can't part with some of the things I want to be able to fit into again one day. Because I remember how well they fit me when I first bought them even if that was 5 years ago..sigh

Then me and S went to see this little movie

I was debating between this and Silver Linings Playbook all day and finally decided on this one. Ok, I'll admit it I love Channing Tatum in anything and was a big part of me wanting to see this haha..and I felt like I got totally ripped off! This hunky hunk was only in like 10 minutes of the movie! But, other than that it started off really slow I thought it would more actiony (pretty sure I just made up that word) and intense but It got a lot better as it went on and it had a really good twist of an ending. What did you think those have seen it? Should I see Silver Linings as well? I'm a really big movie buff this month for some reason..

So, as I stated on Friday as of Saturday I have officially one month until I leave for mexico. That means in less than a month I have to be in a swimsuit. In front of everyone! To say I am getting just a little anxiety over this whole thing would be putting it lightly. I don't want to have a goal of weight loss by then. I don't want to have a goal of being at my goal weight because It is impossible. What is possible is me putting in every effort in until then so I can feel as good about myself as I can by March 16. No more games, no more cheating. I want to be able to enjoy myself to the fullest and not be so self conscious.

I seem to work better with short term goals. It give me an end I can see and reach for and not give up or burn out too quickly. First goal, cleanish eating and workouts everyday for an entire week. No excuses. No cheating. I can do this right!? One week is not that long at all. I've also been seeing the advocare cleanse going around and if some of my fellow bloggers say that it works I will def be trying it in prep for my vaca.

So Day of 1 of cleanish eating which was Sunday went a little something like this.

Breakfast: Cream of Wheat Maple and Brown Sugar and one water bottle ( mine is 750ml)
Snack: Dannon greek yogurt strawberry
Lunch: Fajitas-recipe from last week and Kiwi and one water bottle
Snack: Broccoli
Dinner: Fajitas, kiwi and more broccoli and one water bottle

I also did C25k Wk5 Day1 and RI30 Level 2 Day 1

Side note, I've also given up pop for an entire week. I've never been a regular pop kinda person I've always had diet, it doesn't bother me at all. But I LOVE pop. Like drink it with every meal except breakfast, all the time. This will be the real challenge for me. Giving up pop for a week and exercising every single day.

I plan on repeating this schedule today! Stay tuned this week for daily updates. (Also, I realize I started this on Sunday which will interfere with my weigh in wednesday. I really don't wnat to get on the scale until this Saturday so I don't get discouraged, but we shall see) I will be trying to come up with a new goal weekly until Spring Break.

Hopefully this gives me the jump start I need to kick ass until Spring Break Vaca. It's only one month. I can do this! I'll just look back on vacation and be so grateful I did it, that I really gave my all to something and hopefully gained the benefits and rewards.

Last note, I REALLY want some new motivation and fell that I need a green swimsuit for st pattys day in Mexico. What are some of your favorite places to get swimsuits? Any ideas? Something like this perhaps?

Goddess enhancer, low rise bottom
Heres to a great week!