Thursday, January 31, 2013

What do I eat!? And MFP challenges

It's Thursday It's Thursday! Or as I like to know it as, the last day of the week for me this week :)

Yesterday, I stayed home from work, because of this little number.

Ya blizzards and me don't mix, sorry not gonna risk my life to drive to work. So, I spent the day watching daytime tv (hey price is right i've missed you!) and eating and doing c25k. :)  and playing with this little munchkin

I've gotten asked a lot recently what I eat during the week so I decided I would share a little with you guys..first is breakfast

One whole egg, 2 egg whites and two thin pieces of bacon and half a piece of american cheese total calories=160

I've also recently picked up these little babies. I hate oatmeal for some reason, I don't like the chunks. But my mom had me try this and its actually pretty good and filling!

One serving size with water is 130 calories.

Next is snacks. My new fav is greek yogurt however dannon lite and fit is only 80 calories so I'll be picking up that soon!

This is seriously my guilty pleasure, SO GOOD! Kind of like a butterfinger and only 110 calories! I love sweets so this is how I fit it in

Popcorn is another guilty pleasure LOVE this brand with a snack bag size of m&ms mixed in. Heaven! 170 Calories. I recently picked up the V-day snack packs so there are little specs of pink and red in my popcorn :)

If you know anything about me its that I LOVE cheese! That and mexican food :) But these are how I fit my cheese fix in :)

And last but not least christmas in a cup :) Chai Teas are my absolute fav! If you have that auto coffee brewing thing I don't remember what its called? But this is onlhy 60 calories! Score!

I would do dinners but I don't have enough pics for this post so that will have to be in a seperate post :)

I usually eat about 1200 calories a day give or take 100. I am doing c25k everyday, its just too hard for me to keep up and keep a routine without doing it. I would like to do 30 day shred or ripped in 30 as well everyday, but I find it super hard to do both every single day. I just have to make myself do it I guess any tips? Gotta get in that bikini by May 31 ( any operation red bikini followers in here? )

In other news, MFP. I have one, I've tried it a few times and it just doesnt click with me. Its so much easier for me to write down my calories in my planner (post on that later as well) I don't know if I just need to use it more to get the hang of it or what.

I guess I just don't understand like if i make a sandwich I have to look up each ingredient seperately to log? It seems like A LOT of people use MFP and love it! I feel left out, I want to love it too! haha

Any thoughts on this? Thanks a ton!  Happy Thursday!


  1. Hello!! New follower here, your blog is super cute! I also am on the train to lose some weight this year. Stop by sometime!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower, I found you via hubby jack. I'm also blogging about my weight loss journey over at I look forward to reading more from you!

  3. I am loving your blog- just thought I'd tell ya :)

  4. If you know how many calories your sandwich is you can just create your own bulk add and put the calories. I usually guesstimate. Probably not the best use of it :-)

  5. Hey there! I am a new follower, as well!! I too am trying the 1200 calorie thing. However, I find that when I run, I get SOO hungry. My protein is not working so hot. :)

    Gonna have to check out those skinny cows! DELISH

  6. I absolutely love c25k! I used it to start running and now I've been running 4-6 times a week ever since (almost a year now). I NEVER thought I'd be a runner--that program works miracles! Looking forward to reading about your fave dinners!

  7. Hey! I use my fitness pal and what I do is look up every item in the sandwich and then "create a new food" so like all my sandwiches I make them exactly the same and all i type in is "turkey sandwich" or whatever from "my foods" and it pops up! easy peasy!

    are we friends on my fitness pal? if not my name is kscott24! be my friend :))))

  8. Hey! Just found you via Hubby Jack. I love the yoplait yourt. I tried the Dannon, it was pretty gross. I was like gaging on it. Stick with the yoplait. Trust.

    BTW, did you try to Skinny Cow carmels yet? Totally yummy and curb my sweet tooth!

    New Follow,