Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My very first Link up! Weigh-In Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day People! Whew almost through the week! And this girl is READY for some weekend action to get here already!

So today I am joing in my very first link up with Erin and Alex! And if you're reading my blog for the first time WELCOME! It means so much to me to share my journey with others and learn other people's journey's as well.

So, a little background on this whole scale thing. I started my serious weightloss journey in August 2012 and was a size 16. As of last week I am currently a size 8! And get this, I have NEVER weighed myself!

 The last time I weighed myself was June 2012 so I know roughly what I weighed when I started this whole thing. As the weeks went by I just noticed how much looser my clothes were fitting, especially my jeans. I know all jean brands different vary in size and fit depending on which brand you buy. When I started this last August I was in a size 16 jeans fit 3 from Target. Since then, every time my jeans have been getting looser I go back to target and get the same jeans just a size down. That way I have been able to keep track of truly going from a size 16 to a size 8, so far!

When I have tried to lose weight in the past the scale has been my biggest road block. It can play such mind games with you! For instance, if I lose weight that week, I think oh it's working! A few oreos, some McChickens and Double cheesburgers wont hurt that much right?! Or, the flip side, if I don't lose any weight that week I think wow I really tried and this just isn't working. I'll just go stuff my face because it doesn't matter if I try or not. It was just a constant mind game and I would lose stamina, motivation etc.

With that being said, I want to see that visual as well. I want to know what I am doing is working. At first, when I did two rounds of 30 day shred in Oct and Nov I measured inches throughout, losing 15 inches the first month and 14 the second month. I was also able to see a difference in my body each time my pants would get to loose and I would have to go buy a new pair. That's what kept my motivation and stamina up.

At the beginning that's all I needed. I could see a difference. But now that I am slowly getting smaller I have noticed and know its going to be harder to get down to the size I want to be at which is a 4-6.

 I promised myself at the beginning of this journey that if I ever got down to the single digits ,then I would weigh myself. I knew and know now that being a size 8 would give me the confidence to say to myself ok, look how far you've come. You're almost there, you're SO close! You can do this!! Plus, with the last leg being the hardest now I will actually be able to see if my eating and working habits are paying off on the scale as well.

So, my plan is to weigh myself this friday, February 1st. I just like the beginning of the month feel. However, from now on every wednesday I will be weighing myself until I reach my goal! I think my goal weight would be 130 but we'll just have to see what the scale says on Friday. I am very nervous but also excited to switch things up a bit!

Ok this post has too many words and not enough pics..until tomorrow people!



  1. Thank you for linking up, I'm glad I found your blog... super cute and I'm following now! I SO admire you for staying on track and getting all the way to a size 8 and never even stepping on the scale... that's pretty incredible! I'm in a 16 now so I can't wait until the day I get into 8's, although that day seems pretty far away! You're motivation though that I can get there!

  2. I LOVED reading this too. I love when I come across someone who doesn't focus on the scale! I obsess, or rather I did for the first 70 pounds...lately I haven't really given a crap what that thing says. It's all about how you feel about YOU! Hoo Rah for the single digits...mehh I'm in a 12 now and I so desperately want to see that 8!

  3. Good lucky pretty lady! You can do it!

  4. Oh my gosh. That is amazing! You have done a great job!

  5. Congrats on your loss with no scale! That is SUPER WOMAN status! lol I am guilty of being obsessed with the scale. Hoping as I get close to my goal I will give it up and focus more on the inches.

  6. What a great post! Love it! New follower :)

    Great idea about the whole jeans thing!

  7. Girl you are going to be such an inspiration in this bloggy world! I am so thrilled you joined us!!! GREAT JOB!!! Cant wait to hear your great news!

  8. I am a new follower. Congratulations, 16 to 8 is incredible!!!! Can't wait to hear more!

  9. new follower from the link up. Congrats on losing! The scale messes with me too. I can't stop weighing myself though.

  10. I feel obsessed with the scale some times and I know that probably isn't healthy! Kudos to you for keeping it up with no numbers. I bet Friday you will be smiling when you see that number. Great work!