Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back By Popular Demand!

Hey Everyone!!!

I'm back!!!!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has kept in touch with me during my hiatus. Also, I have been consistently reading all of your blogs as well I just kinda dropped off the face of the universe for a little bit ha!

Anyways  I basically went through a really rough time and went through a bad breakup and then two weeks later my Grandma unexpectedly passed away. I have never had anyone close to me pass away in my whole life and it was a total shock to me and it took a long time for me to cope with.

However, today would have been my Grandma's 80th birthday and I thought there wouldn't be a better time to get back on track and start communicating with all my blog ladies again! :)

I have given some updates on my life over this summer via instagram but I'll just use this post as a pic overload and some highlights of the summer!

To be honest dieting and workout out took a back seat while I just dealt with life basically but I'm more determined then ever to get back on this bandwagon! Cuz that's what life is all about right?

Well, first of all I finally bought my first house! I am so excited! I haven't moved any of my stuff in because we've been taking time painting pretty much the whole house and cleaning (seriously I had no idea people don't clean their own house when they move)

Here are some of the pics of the half bath downstairs

Here is the Guest bath upstairs

The master bedroom...

And if you follow me on IG you've already seen this but I recovered dining room chairs I found on craigslist. After is one the left. Before is on the right

I promise I will take all pics of the house once its finished so I can share with you guys :)

And here are some highlights of tailgating this past weekend for the Iowa/Iowa State game :)

Tonight I am going out with my family to celebrate what would have been my Grandma's Birthday! Tomorrow I'll be recapping more of summer and anything else you guys want to know!

So glad I'm back!!! :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Recap a day late

Happy Tuesdsay everyone!

My weekend was jam packed! I got a little too drunky drunk on the wedding I attended on Friday and took DAYS to recover. I am just not as young as I used to be haha.

Sorry for the no post yesterday I was still in the "all I want to do is lay in bed mode"

I got my workout out in on friday. However, I will be honest I did not get my scehduled run in on Saturday boo! But that's what this journey is all about turn a set back into a come back! I ate like crap for the last two days but I am back at it today!

I am going to try something and try not to weigh myself until the friday after this friday (May 17) I want to workout every day if possible and not cheat. I am challenging myself to this because I cannot depend on the scale to dictate how I feel about myself I want to feel so great I dont even care what the scale says!

I have my scheduled JM and run tonight so lets do this! Meal prep is done and I "have worked too hard to give up now!

Here is recap of my weekend in Pictures: (side note: I was trying to save this dress to wear to my brothers grad party this weekend but I'll just be wearing it again then ha!)

Here are some pics of the hotel we stayed in where the wedding was held:

There was a freaking tv inside of the mirror in the bathroom. Bestie wanted in the pic too lol

They had a mashed potato bar and it was literally the best thing EV!

Bride! She was so pretty!

And the very end of the night!

And my little brother had his senior prom on Saturday too!

My brothers group he went in!

And pretty much the cutest pic I've ever seen!

That is all for today guys! Hope you have great one :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Stats, Dietbet Ends and Remember the Time

Hey All! Happy Thursday! Last day of the week for this girl!

So getting up this morning to workout was a big fat FAIL! ugh I went to bed too late last night and all I wanted this morning was pancakes and bacon but I prevailed! Dinner with the boy and his dad and fiance so I guess I'll just have to squeeze it in tonight! But NO EXCUSES right!?

Dietbet: So it is now May 2nd and my first dietbet has ended! I received this message this morning

Yay! I did it! And I surpassed my goal! this was so fun and I definitely will be signing up for more! Who wouldn't want to get paid for something they're already doing!? Win Win!

As a lot of you know I am doing JM or trying to do ALL month of may. I tried doing this last month but due to my basement flooding etc it was a huge fail. I am obviously not at my first goal weight yet (not being considered overweight for my height is my first goal weight) And I am not ready to share my number until then. However I did take measurements and obviously catch you up on how the month of April went for me :)

April Stats: April 1-May 1

Total Weight Loss: 11 lbs

Inches Lost:

Waist 29.527
low waist 3634

For those of you counting that is a grand total 10.5 Inches gone and 11lbs gone!

Overall I am super happy with my April losses! It's time like these when I am frustrated at how long the process is taking that I can look back and see how far I've come in such a short amount of time. I am determined to finish ORB strong and stick with my workout and food goals!

AND I PROMISE to provide before and after pics after my consisten Ripped in 30 month of may stay tuned!

And last but not least I am linking up with the always amazing Kimmy for Remember the time!


I only got one for today...

Remember the time...when it was snowing when you woke up in the middle of spring? And its projected to keep snowing until 11Am the next day with inches of accumulation in MAY!? Oh right..that's TODAY.  Guess theres a first for everything in life, snow in May. NICE Iowa!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hey Everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Ok people are you ready for this?? It is a MIRACLE!!! This girl got up at 6am to get her workout with Jillian in!

It wasn't all that bad! I really enjoy RI30. I am doing the May Meltdown with Ms Michaels challenge all month long with some of my fav blog girls you can catch up on that from yesterdays post! I HOPE to do it every single day this month, hey no excuses right!? BUT if I can make it at least 5 days a week I will be happy.

I will of course be incorporating this ALONG with my Hal Hidgon's 5k training! I did my 2.5 miles last night. It was PAINFULLY slow but hey I lasted right!?

I have NOT weighed myself since last week and do not plan on doing it until this Friday again. The scale and I have not been on the best terms lately and she puts me in a hell of a mood SO on  that note I will be sticking with once a week weigh ins!

I have a wedding to go to out of town on Friday and Saturday is my brothers prom so I have to get in all my runs this week by Saturday meaning I am HOPING to get up early tomorrow and fri to get my 2 mile and then 2.5 mile runs in before the weekend. I will just be too busy and don't want to worry about when I will get it in and how.

Lets finish Operation Red Bikini strong! This is the LAST month I cannot believe it! Lets get after it! And cheers to never ever EVER looking like the pic on the left EVER again! :)


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh Prom!

Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday! Worst day of the week! ( right mel?)

Today I am linking up with the amazing beautiful Erin from Homemade Happenings for Prom Pics!

As most of you know prom is right around the corner and my little bro's senior prom is actually this sat (tear!) He is so grown up but I'll have to share those pics with you guys!

Here is a pic from his junior prom last year!

For some reason I can't find any pics from my junior prom but I went with my high school boyfriend and wore a red dress. I did find a pic of my senior homecoming. our colors were purple and gold and thought it would be AWESOME to wear a light colored silk dress, you can't see the whole thing here but you get it.

My senior prom was '07. I was SO in love with my dress. I remember having my mom come meet me and my friends at the store and she walked in and said she didn't like it. But I didn't care and I got that damn dress! It was pink and poofy and glittery and I LOVED it haha. I also went to this dance with my high school boyfriend (I had the same one all 4 years) and we went with all of our friends and had a great time! We got a limo, went to after prom, the works!

Get ready for some picture overload:

I had so much fun with this link up and now I miss high school. I would love to do prom all over again! Is that so lame!? haha I can't wait to see everyone elses pics!

Happy Tuesday! I got a 2.5 miles tongiht. LAWD help me!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Change Of Plans!

Hey All! Happy Monday!!!

As most of you know I had my weigh in last Friday with my awesome self (ha!) I was down 2.6. I wanted more (as always) but hey I'll take it at least it moved! I'm on my way!

Also, as most of you know I had planned to do RI30 with Ms Jillian for the month of April. Well that turned into a big fat FAIL! First I was doing it 4 times a week then the flooding happened and I could just never get back onto it. I did however do some sort of excercise every day last week so I am proud of myself for that!

I was contemplating to start over for May and I just happened to stumble upon a new challenge with some of my absolute FAV blog girls! Kate, Kara, Kristie, Kassie, Leigh Ann, Meredith have all teamed up to do an entire month of Jillian and you know it was calling this girls name! I have decided to stick with RI30. It challenges me but goes by fast so I don't really get bored with it!

I still do not have my tv back but I managed to get the DVD out of the player last night so I am golden! As of today I have 28 days left of my 5k training! Before 10k training begins and it will give me that extra push I need! Plus ORB ending is near! This girl needs all the help she can get !

They and I will all be using  #4MChallenge hashtag on IG (follow me @sheerserendipity28) to support one another! Yes I will be taking new before/after pics to show you guys along with the previous ones I took April 1!

I am super excited about this guys and I KNOW I can do it! Who's with me??

Last Monday I posted weekly workout goals and it really helped me stick with it so I am doing that Again :)

Weekly Workout Goals

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2.5 mile run (5k training)

Wednesday: RI30 level1 and 30 minute walk

Thursday: 2 mile run (5k training) and RI30

Friday: RI30 Level 1 and 30 Min walk

Saturday: 2.5 mile run (5k training) and RI30 level 1

Sunday: 50-60 min walk (5k training) and RI30 Level1

Lets get after it! Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's What Makes You Beautiful!

Happy Thursday!!!! One Direction anyone?! Fing LOVE that song, so catchy, takes me back to my boy band days ha!

Today I am linking up with some amazing girls Erin, Alicia, and Jodi, seriously each one of them is so great for Celebrate your true beauty!


A few posts ago Jodi posted a true beauty video about how hard women are on themselves and see and describe themselves as much worse than other people that see them. If you haven't seen it go check it out it's absolutely amazing and so true. Made me tear up watching it. No joke.

So the point of this link up is to celebrate our true beauty naming 3 things that we think is beautiful about ourselves. I am challenging myself to come up with 3 outer beauty things because that is most difficult and what the video was all about how people see you without even knowing you.

First off I want to say that I do not think I am pretty by any means. I never have, not at any weight. I am one of those people that if a guy would ever come up to me or anything I immediately close off. I am not open or friendly I get the feeling like, "what do you want?" "why are you talking to me?" I am not flattered. I think its because they want something or are trying to make fun of me to "just be nice." I don't know why I am like that but it never crosses my mind that anyone would actually find me attractive, strangers anyway. I'm talking about strangers coming up and just randomly talking to you. When I am out wiht my friends I always let them lead conversations because I know guys would rather be with them then me (in my single days of course.)

Isn't that awful?? I don't know why I think like that. Maybe becasue I have never felt good enough. Maybe because I got made fun of when I was younger, I had HORRENDOUS teeth. Who knows but I am so glad the girls made this link up. As I am getting older I am finding myself becoming more and more ok with myself. Finding the beauty in all things, even the little things. As an adult its easier to become at peace with yourself and I am definitely on that journey, a little more everyday.

Ok, now that my rant is over lets get to the three things I find beautiful about myself. with a little humor added of course..ugh here we go...

1.) My hair. I really like that I have blonde hair. I love the dark and light high lights. I like that its thick. That I can wear it straight or curly. That it holds curls with a curling iron really well and generally lays pretty nice, with the right humidity of course ;)

2.) My eyes. They're green. They're big, but not too big. I feel like they stand out, are a pretty color but not sunken in or anything and a nice shape. Not that you can tell in a black/white pic but whatevs it was the only close up I could find lol

3.) Last but not least, my butt. I am definitely hour glassed and a little pear shaped. I am definitely bigger on bottom and I've always gotten compliments on my butt haha. I think it has a nice shape and looks good in some jeans lol. And as always gotta have a pic with that! (side note: pic is WAY old. I want that body back!)

That's all I got for today people! I can't wait to read everyone elses post!

I am anxiously awaiting my weigh in tomorrow, I  hope its a good one. The boy is grilling out for me tonight again so hopefully It's a good healthy dinner :) Putting that sucker into mfp will be quite interesting haha :)